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Ctss CPA 3A3 Hew Sin Ying (9) =0

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Sin ying Hew

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Ctss CPA 3A3 Hew Sin Ying (9) =0

Computer and Productivity 1.1) Embedded Processors and Automation Automation occurs when machinesare uused to carry out a process or an activity with minimim human effort or supervision A processor is a part of the computer that follows insturction and carries out actions.it is like the "brain" of a computer. Benefits of Using Robots
there are some advantages of using robots.
Because robots work at fast speeds products are made in a shorter time. So,with robots,productivity is high.
Because robots are accurate and consistent and quality of product can be ensured.
The costs of producing good are reduced in the long run.
workers don not have to exposed to conditions that are danerous of hurmful to their health. 1.2) Publishing and Print Industries Publishing is the activity of putting information in the public arena (e.g. newpaper magazines,books).

Printing is part of publishing. It is an industrial process for the production of text and images with ink on the paper using a printing press. Benefits of Using Computers in Publishing
Graphics can be changed more easily than before.(In the past,graphics are drawn on paper . once inked , it is difficult to correct.)
The spelling-and-grammar checker in word processor helps to reduce mistakes in manuscripts.
In the past , layout was done manually (i.e. cutting and pasting). A desktop publisher considerably improves productivity in doing layout.
Previously , cameras with colours filters were used to take pictures of the text . illustrations and photographs. The components of the colours images were then recorded onto black and white films from which printed plates were made . the use of high-resolution machines called image-setters improves productivity in producing films .
Modern printing machines are controlled by computers. They can be adjust the print positions and colour , ensuring a high-quality product . 1.3) Postal Mail Sorted Benefits of Using Computers in Postal Mail Sorted
Less manpower is used because of the use computerised machines.This shortens the time taken to process mail and so the envelops manually a lot of manpower and is time comsuming. Also, more mistakes may occur . 1) The envelops are put into a computerised machine called CFC (Culler-Facer-canceller).
it only takes in those within a certain range of thickness, lenght and height;
It than arrages the accepted letters such thst addresses face the same side ;
It has a sensor too detect the levelopes and print a postmark on the stamp such that it cannot be re-used;
It has an OCR (optical character recongition ) program to read the hand-writen postal codes on the envelopes;
It prints a barcode , called th ID tag , at the back of the 1.4) Computer at the airport Designing Airport
computers can be used for design airports. For example using computers, different design can be simulated on a computer to test their effectiveness . SImulations may be used to test the amount of air traffic that can handler based on airspace capacities , comparisons of alternative sites, airfield layout , and passenger-and-baggage flow patterns. Simulation can also check how airports recact to stress, for example , in cases where the runway are full and there are still airplanes trying to land.
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