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Taboo in African Religion and Culture

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Jessica Noble

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Taboo in African Religion and Culture

Taboo in African Religion and Culture * Abdullah Aloraini * Deandre Steele * Jessica Noble * Matthew Cunningham * Sara McKenrick * AFRICAN INDEPENDENT CHURCHES: The concepts of haram, prohibited, plays a major role in deciding the legality of acts.
There are different sources that are used in determining the legality of acts.
The major two sources are:
- Quran (the holy book for Muslims)
- Sunna (the tradition of prophet Mohammed) CONSEQUENCES: ADULTURY can be punished with physical abuse, poison, or even death... There are consequences
for breaking taboos... other types of taboos: Food Taboos:
Tribal taboos against the consumption of certain types of foods by specific groups of the population

one of the main causes of protein maldistribution in several regions throughout Uganda.

In Iteso, females over 6 years old were forbidden to eat chicken, eggs and pork.

The Banyankole forbade the same population group the same foods and also mutton and goat's milk and fish was taboo to all.

In Kigezi we not allowed to eat eggs, chicken, mutton, pork and fish. It is notable that the women were the most affected by the food taboos. What is TABOO?? TABOO IN RELIGION Islamic Taboos: & LAST BUT NOT LEAST... ta·boo [tuh-boo, ta-]
"proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable" Synonyms: prohibited,banned, forbidden, proscribed. ...but wait.

There are also taboos against BLOOD.

The meat of an animal that has died and the blood of slaughtered animals are both EATEN by PAGAN ZULUS, but they are DESPISED by the ZIONISTS and ETHIOPIAN CHURCHES.

Rules about fasts are connected with food taboos.

Some prophets and followers fast for FOUR DAYS, all clothed in sacking and covered with ashes as Jonah in Nineveh. REMEMBER: TRADITIONAL AFRICAN LIFE IS GOVERNED BY TABOOS!

Many values of life are produced and protected by taboos. When Africans came into contact with the West, through missionaries and economic/ colonial presence,many westerners CONDEMNED and ATTACKED many of their taboos!

To some people, this meant an attack on their way of life... African Independent Churches (AICs) have rediscovered many taboos in the Jewish Bible and protect or modify them.

They have food taboos very similar to those in the Jewish Bible. For example, Zionists CONDEMN PORK.

They use Leviticus 11 as an example of which animals could be eaten and classify them as CLEAN and UNCLEAN.

It says that it’s an ABOMINATION to eat anything that CHEWS CUD or has a SPLIT HOOF, such as camels and pigs, but it is OK to eat animals like sheep, lambs, fish and most birds. ...there are also taboos on SEXUAL MATTERS and AGAINST MEDICINE

This SHIELDS many relationships of men and women

MENSTRUATING WOMEN may be SEGREGATED or FORBIDDEN to prepare food. They are seen as UNCLEAN and cannot take part in the Holy Communion.

If a woman conceives and bears a MALE CHILD, she should remain UNCLEAN for SEVEN days. During this time she can't touch ANY sanctuary and is required to offer a LAMB or PIGEON for a SIN OFFERING.

SPECIAL PROPHETS are set aside by the Zionist Church to guard the purity of their young people There are also BURIAL TABOOS...

CORPSES are believed to cause POLLUTION and DEFILMENT and thus they are considered a DANGER to the community.

The founder of the Nazarite Church insisted that ANYONE who touched a corpse was NOT allowed to attend a church service for SEVEN DAYS.

Then they had to visit the Nazarite priest, and bring an offering of flowers or money.

He would purify their hands with water contained in a special vessel. What are some types of taboos?? Taboos about people: women are not to sit with men
not respecting elders
son-in-law is not supposed to greet his mother-in-law
daughter-in-law is not supposed to enter the bedroom of her father-in-law
youngsters are not supposed to drink alcohol Taboos about acts and sex: stealing
getting married without having had a ceremony of 'second birth'
cheating others
adult children having sex before the funeral of their recently deceased parents Taboos about things: placenta
eating certain food
raising cows of certain color
taboos about situations: looking at one's sister bathing, referring to genitals directly, a younger wife planting or harvesting before the first wife
sitting on cooking stones Taboos about situations: looking at one's sister bathing,
referring to genitals directly,
a younger wife planting or harvesting before the first wife There are taboos associated with some category of deaths.
Example, In almost all societies in West Africa, it is a taboo to bury a person who died by drowning in a river away from the river where the victim drowned.
Taboos on Kids having fun There are several examples of prohibited acts in Islam... Food:
Muslims are not allowed to eat pork.
Drinking alcohol is prohibited in Islam, because it makes the user lose control of his or her actions. Social Life Although polygamy is practiced in Islam, husbands are not allowed to marry more than four wives.
Muslims are not allowed to have sex if not married.
Cheating on the partner is a huge taboo in Islam Health
Generally, everything that is bad for the health is prohibited in Islam. There are several examples for these prohibited acts
Using illegal drugs, heroine and cocaine. LYING is usually prevented by the thought of not reaching a glorious afterlife past the person's death. In many instances people will leave the punishment of lying up to the divinities... STEALING not only brings shame to the family, but is also punishable by God himself... IRREVERENCE AND UNKINDNESS TO PARENTS results in not only the wrath of God but also the wrath of the parents, and it is considered the parents' fault... THE END http://www.mwlusa.org/topics/sources/sources.html
Mbiti, John S. "The Role of the Jewish Bible in African Independent Churches." EBSCO, n.d. Web. http://www.afrikaworld.net/afrel/atr-crime.htm
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