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Message Man- Twenty One Pilots

No description

Victoria Fehr

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Message Man- Twenty One Pilots

Message Man- Twenty One Pilots
Message Man
The song '
Message Man
' is the eleventh song on the bands newest album, '
'. This album was released May 15, 2015.
Message Man talks about how there is always more to a person than what said person lets on. Most all of the lines and verses in this song reflect Tyler's direct emotion on how the public and press will assume they know him, and how he will be hiding his true self behind a "mask of my disguise". Tyler states multiple times in the song that he is "wanted and on the run". I interpreted this as him communicating that others want to know the 'real' Tyler Joseph, but he is not comfortable with telling them, therefore 'running'. Tyler often uses allegory, hyperbole's, metaphors, imagery, and irony in this particular song.
The title of the song (Message Man), portrays a sense that this piece is trying to let the audience know that not only does the song have a catchy beat and cheerful vocals, there is a solemn, deeper meaning hiding within. Tyler is speaking for himself in this song, although many others can relate.
Getting Started
The initial idea for the band was from Tyler, who called up his friends Chris Salih and Nick Thomas and asked them to join; they accepted. The bands name comes from the play '
All my sons
' by Arthur Miller. The play is about a WW2 pilot who must decide what is best for his family after causing the death of 21 air-force pilots by giving them faulty plane parts to make self profit. Tyler quotes "
The moral of dilemma is what inspired the name for the band
". In Columbus, 2009, the band was officially formed. On December 29, 2009, the band released their first debut album '
' and began touring Ohio. In mid 2011, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih subsequently left due to busy schedules. Before leaving, Salih presented Tyler with Josh Dun, after previously meeting him at a guitar center. Dun and Joseph released their second album titled '
Regional at best
' on July 28, 2011. After the release the duo signed with Atlantic Records, subsidary label
Fueled by Ramen
in 2012. Twenty One pilots third album, 'Vessel' was released on January 8, 2013. Tyler Joseph has had a solo project that released an EP entitled 'No Phun Intended'. The release is still available for listening purposes on his PureVolume account.
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph is the lead singer, pianist and songwriter for the American band '
Twenty One Pilots
'. Tyler was born December 1st, 1988 in Columbus Ohio. He has two brothers and one sister. Tyler played basketball from a very young age in his home town. After seeing a songwriter perform at a high street club, he rejected a basketball scholarship offer from Otterbein University, and began playing music after digging an old keyboard (a Christmas present from his mom) out of his closet. Tyler Joseph is a practicing Christian, and his faith influences the music he writes. He was home schooled in his childhood. Tyler married Jenna Black on March 28, 2015, after being engaged since July 8, 2014. Joseph has a three-part tattoo that represents "something that saved his life". Though it is assumed it deals with his Christian faith, Joseph has been specific about the fact that he doesn't want the meaning of his tattoos spread across the internet. However, he has stated a few times that he is willing to tell people one-on-one if they decide to ask him in person.

This social juice issue may not concern those whom it does not affect. Many people struggle with identity issues, or issues with being true to others. This ties in with mental health, and this song has helped myself and many others realize that we are not alone in our daily struggles.
Twenty One Pilots Logo
Tyler Joseph
Josh Dun
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