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Career Shadowing

No description

casey fulton

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

The purpose of this company is to help
any customer who has a problem with their
car and they use their technology to help
them out In fifteen years this company will still be out there
because people will always have cars and cars will always have problems that need to be fixed the employability skills for this job is that you
always need to be prepared for any job. in this
job you have problem solving skills because if
you dont then it would be really hard for you
to be able to put the car back together.Also
have be able to speak to the customer when
they walk through the door.. you also have to
be responsible because if you do something
wrong then you will have to pay for whatever
went wrong. the average salary for this job is up to
$60,000 and you only need atleast a ASE
certification. In this job you have to have these expensive
computers that will scan to see what is wrong
with your vehicle the skills needed is that you need to be hard working, responsible,
honest, and trustworthy because you would want that customer
to come back again if they need more work done i wouldnt mind being a mechanic when i am
older because i would be able to learn alot of
things in the automotive industry that i dont
already know. also i wouldnt have to pay for the high labor fee like at the big dealerships this job is a hands on job and be alot
less schooling than some of the jobs out there. andit would be alot better than sitting at a small desk stapling paper what i didnt like is that you have to pay for most of the special tools if you are not working at a dealership.
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