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Show & Tell - How video could stimulate the spread of urban agricultural practices

Marleen Bovenmars, Centre for Alternative Technology, Architecture: Advanched Environmental and Energy Studies

Marlene Bovenmars

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Show & Tell - How video could stimulate the spread of urban agricultural practices

How video could stimulate the spread of sustainable urban agricultural practices
Marleen Bovenmars
Centre for Alternative Technology
Advanced Architecture: Environmental and Energy Studies
Further Research

- Impacts off computer-mediated models

- Sharing between urban and rural agricultural platforms

- Video production – who and how?

- Necessary institutional and financial mechanisms to implement the proposed model
Testing & Adaptation
Finding Solutions
Regular, hands-on and peer support
Local testimonials
Video production
Video Viewing Clubs
Video production
Issue Identification
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Easy to share
Easy to make
Knowledge & Skills
Cooling down urban landscape
>> Source of income and food as oil
and food prices rise
Lowering emissions by minimising transport
Community building
Providing green space
Recreation and exercise
Waste management
most people live in cities
many live in mega cities
many live in informal settlements
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People like to hear stories and repeat them
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People believe people who are like them
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Personal and emotional stories make us act
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Powerful stories compare the 'status quo' with 'what could be'
Duarte, 2010, 36-39 - in the context of presentations and talks
Community Screenings
Open to-all, accessible and mediated
Full transcript