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Book Report: Thea Stilton and the secret of the old castle

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on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Book Report: Thea Stilton and the secret of the old castle

Book Report: Thea Stilton and the secret of the old castle
Who? (Characters)
Main Characters: Thea Stilton,Violet, Colette,Paulina,Pamela,Nicky.
The Thea Sisters (Violet,Paulina,Colette,Pamela,and Nicky) are on a mission at Oaksmouse,Scotland to help their fellow friend Bridget McNamouse.
Other Characters:
-Bridget McNamouse is Violet's friend.
-Professor Margaret Ratcliff is the literature and creative writing teacher.
-Octavius de Mouses is the headmaster of the Mouseford Academy.
-Liam and Connor are the identical and the mean-looking ratlings.
-Lilian is Bridget's aunt.
-Angus McNamouse is a businessmouse and the father of Liam and Connor.
-Ewan is the caretaker of the McNamouse castle and the guy who likes Bridget.
-Ben is the old looking men and the caretaker of the lighthouse.

-Thea Stilton lives at New Mouse City.
-The Thea Sisters ( Violet,Nicky,Colette,Pamela,and Paulina) are at their school Mouseford Academy.
-The Thea Sisters are going to Oaksmouse Scotland, for a mission.
-Thea Sisters arrives at McNamouse Castle where Bridget's relatives live.
-Thea Sisters and Ewan went to Molly House to eat where Ewan's mother works.
-The friends went to the lighthouse where Bridget was hiding for all this time.

The Thea Sisters went to Oaksmouse,Scotland to help their friend Bridget McNamouse.
Main Idea
Bridget McNamouse's relatives who lives in Oaksmouse, Scotland, are trying to take over The McNamouse castle without the owner Alistair McNamouse's permission. They are trying to find Alistair McNamouse's will that is buried under one of the three stones to stop her evil uncle. Are they going to find the will in time?
It was a normal day at Mouseford Academy during class break. When Violet ran in to her friend Bridget,who seemed worried and stressed out.
Bridget McNamouse's uncle, Angus tries to take over The McNamouse castle without Allistair McNamouse's permission. The Thea Sisters tries to find Allistair McNamouse's will.
The Thea Sisters found Allistair's will in the stone that cries. They found it right on time to stop Angus' plan.
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