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Digital Strategy

Filling the gaps in your digital DNA through a Persona-based approach

Matthew Hodgson

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Digital Strategy

that your company is facing today & in the foreseeable future
The environment
paper-based world
letter-box drops
face-to-face engagement
a website as a reflection of their newspaper ads
Business drivers
influence political outcomes
target influential people
staff capability
limited experience
how do we break free?
how we change our DNA?
the environment has changed
Approaching the industry
The real issue?
digital strategy based on people
not technology
built understanding of:
people's channel preferences
their wants
their motivations
their behavioural tendencies

address the "business DNA" required thru:
data-driven Personas
my client
Where did half my DNA go?
how do we reach Gen-X / Y?
how can we stay relevant in a digital world of iPhones & tablets?
how to change our DNA?
I think the aliens
took it!
Is your business missing half its potential DNA?
not leveraging the HUGE potential inherent in digital mechanisms of engagement
The Solution?
Personas User Stories
User Stories Requirements
Requirements Concrete value
call to market using Agile methods
behaviour + context
Persona data
ignoring people's behavioural preferences for engagement
the realisation?
Not a digital technology capability deficit
It's about people, behaviour & preferences
Behavioural tendencies?
Source: Forrester, 2009
Focus on people over technology:
Matthew Hodgson
Principal, SMS Management & Technology

Email : mhodgson@smsmt.com
Twitter : @magia3e
Blog : magia3e.wordpress.com
Digital Strategy - Filling the gaps in your digital DNA through a Persona-based approach
identified capability gaps in business DNA required to support stakeholders' preferred engagement behaviour
Benefits of this approach:
Building - traceability of solution
ROI - clear understanding of benefits/outcomes to end-users and the value of the solution
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