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Gas stations in the future, present, and, past.

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MR. Pineapple

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of Gas stations in the future, present, and, past.

by Taylor Daven and Andre
Gas Stations Now Days
Now days in our gas stations
if you are low on gas you will
simply pull into a gas station
and get gas. And you can also
go inside and get snacks.
Gas stations in
the past

In the 19 hundreds the gas that the vehicles used was a mixture of coal and tar
one of the main brands of gas in the olden days was a brand called gulf
on gulfs first day they sold 30 gallons at 27 cents a gallon
The first gas station built, St. Louis, Missouri 1905
The second gas station was built in 1907 by standard oil, which is now chevron
Gas station in Denmark, still in operation, opened in 1935
In the past refueling wasn't convenient it was dangerous.
Before pumps were invented gasoline was poured by hand.
Throughout history forms of gas stations has varied
shed type gas station
multiple use station
House type station.
1936 Shell station, programmatic design gas station.
Box type gas station
Usually more modern forms
During the 1960, the box stations were often remodeled, which were called stylized boxes.
Stylized box design
Pagoda-style metal tile roof gas station.
Future of the gas stations
Our idea:
Park and charge
Park and charge
Park and charge is a idea that we had since so many cars are turning into electric cars you will be able to park and pay to charge your car
The design.
our design will consist of solar panels lined at the top
our power system
our main power system will be the solar panels
and we will have a backup generator
just in case one of our solar panels goes out
Disaster proof
we are going to make our gas station disaster proof by:
Gas station on the inside
making it mobile

The inside of our gas station is going to be like most gas stations on the inside it will have food and drinks
the way that we will be making our gas stations mobile is kinda like the movie transformers so that if there is a tornado warning then we can make it transform into a car and drive away.

How they are mobile
The gas station will be self fixing and if something goes wrong then you wont have to worry about it.
It cleans itself
Self fixing
It will be located be all over since the gas station is mobile
For now
your mom

Computerized clean bots will clean the gas station for us so that won't be a problem.
Pouring the gas in the olden days was actually dangerous
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