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Guerilla Marketing

Definition and history of Guerilla Marketing

Gabrielle Dudgeon

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing The Basics: Making A Statement, Building Your Brand History of Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson
credited as the father of Guerrilla Marketing
His ideas paved the way for small businesses to compete in the marketing arena with the big companies, ushering in an era of innovative and sometimes extreme marketing ideas.
The main reason guerrilla marketing took off was its incredible effectiveness at breaking through our “advertising blinders”. Coca-Cola Brings Happiness on Valentines Day Viral Marketing Example Viral Marketing Unpredictable results/All about luck
Many are detached from reality
Shock Value is key
thin line between PR disaster and success
Difficult to learn from
Different than other forms of marketing
Undercover Marketing Undercover marketing/buzz marketing is all about selling something to someone who has no idea they’ve just witnessed a sales pitch. Alternative Marketing Many marketers reference- but it's difficult to define
Publicity separated from institution
Requires imagination One of the most famous examples of this form of marketing
can be utilized in event marketing similarly through undercover marketing Presence Marketing One of the most-budget friendly marketing techniques for UK Student Activities Board is presence marketing
similar to Ambient Marketing, but making sure if you're out of sight, you're still in their mind
Social Media Marketing Ambush Marketing the situation in which a company tries to advertise its products in connection with a big public event, without paying any money, although they are not the official sponsor Not Recommended because of legal/ethical stipulations
you wouldn't want someone stealing your "limelight" Ambient Marketing allows a group to create brand recognition without necessarily pushing their events
.creating your brand UK SAB accomplishes brand image ambient marketing through UK orientation sessions and team building with UK Organizations within our OSI (Office of Student Involvement) Presume Marketing based on the theory that people need to see/hear (firsthand) about an event or product
often utilized in public places or large events SAB members dressed up as famous Americans to deliver news to students about our first "Rock The Vote" event at Campus Ruckus Wild Postings postering=key to any college/event success
might not see instant effect
absence of posters can be a threat to your event UK SAB utilizes posters for every event and additionally the Vice President of Promotions organizes a series of "poster blitzes" to promote team building and poster all of campus Experimental Marketing one of the most popular forms of marketing for every brand
aims at giving the audience "an experience"
instead of a one-way message
Interaction is key
SAB utilized one of our Cultural Arts events by having our ice sculptors incorporate our social media and have a fun opportunity for students to have their picture taken. UK SAB utilized one of our K-Week events for promoting "Rock The Vote" with a hand print flag that was hung above the stage at the concert Presented and Directed by:
Gabrielle Dudgeon
Vice President of Promotions
University of Kentucky Student Activities Board
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