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rimon hanna

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of WAYNE THIEBAUD

Wayne Thiebaud http://www.nga.gov/education/classroom/counting_on_art/bio_thiebaud.shtm Wayne Thiebaud is still alive today. Wayne Thiebaud is an American artist that was Born nov.15, 1920. in MESA, ARIZ, U.S. Examples of Wayne Thiebaud Artwork http://hirshhorn.si.edu/dynamic/collection_images/full/96.19.jpg http://hirshhorn.si.edu/dynamic/collection_images/full/80.66.jpg His primary types of artwork was Painting and Printmaking, Therefore he used paint for Painting and Ink For Printmaking Wayne Thiebaud drawing Aleck cartoons, 1943. What makes this artist Interesting to me is that he Grew up during the great Derpression. he was a Boyscout and worked in Restaurants. Wayne Thiebaud was Associated with the Pop Art movement Of the 1960s. He began his career as a Commercial artist and Cartoonist. during the 1960s His paintings of food and Household goods associated Him more deeper with the Pop Art. Pop Art- A form of art That depicts objects And/or scenes from Everyday life and Employs techniques Of commercial art And popular Illustration. Wayne Thiebaud is also known For his richly Painted Canvases and he Also created a significant Body of prints. Resources: http://wwar.com/masters/t/thiebaud-wayne.htm http://www.nga.gov/education/classroom/counting_on_art/bio_thiebaud.shtm 1936 - 1937 while Wayne Thiebaud worked in Animation department of Walt Disney Studios, Los Angeles, CA., he studied at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. http://www.artnet.com/artist/16543/wayne-thiebaud.html http://www.csus.edu/pubaf/journal/fall2002/images/36thiebaud.jpg
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