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Pirate Presentation

No description

Deirdre Bilyard

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Pirate Presentation

Welcome to Pirate School
Aa-haargh! pirate code cove

Setting up rules, rewards and sanctions.
(SOC 1-17a and SOC 1-18a) Pirate Place Learn about famous pirates, what they wore
and what their jobs were.
(SOC 1-01a and SOC 1-04a)

Learn about what pirates ate and the health
problems they suffered from.
(HWB 1-15a)

Learn about Treasure and Treasure Maps
(MTH 1-07a, MTH 2-18a and MTH 1-17a)

Write a Pirate Dictionary, postcards and create
Pirate Passports.
(TCH 1-04b, LIT 1-14a and LIT 2-20a)

BOAT BAY Design boats which float.
(SCN 2-08b and TCH 1-14a)

Learn about Weather and Tides.
(SOC 1-12a)

Design flags using fractions and symmetry.
(MTH 1-19a and MTH 1-01a)

Learn about boats through the ages.
(SOC 1-04a)

Learn about nautical terminology.
(LIT 1-14a, MTH 1-17a and HWB 1-21a)

DISAster rock Learn about historical shipwrecks.
(SOC 1-01a)

Write a message in a bottle.
(LIT 1-29a) parrot point Learn about island wildlife and
(SOC 1-13b)

Create drawings and a moving parrot model.
(TCH 1-15a)

PIRAte production!! Pirate School Graduation!
(A whole Pirate performance)

Write a script and develop characters.
(LIT 1-20a, ENG 1-31a and EXA 2-12a)

Learn and perform Pirate songs and dances.
(EXA 1-01a, EXA 2-08a and EXA 1-17a)

Design and create costumes and set.
(EXA 1-02a)

Enterprise through organising, advertising and selling tickets.
(SOC 1-22a)

Treasure trove tree x
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