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No description

Samantha Elsden

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia and Personification
Winter -
Judith Nicholls
Winter crept
through the whispering wood,
hushing fir and oak;
crushed each leaf and froze each web –
but never a word he spoke.

Winter prowled
by the shivering sea,
lifting sand and stone;
nipped each limpet silently –
and then moved on.

Winter raced down the frozen stream,
catching at his breath;
on his lips were icicles,
at his back was death.

1. How does Winter move through the wood?
2. In what way does the wood seem human?
3. What do the actions of Winter in the first stanza reveal about his character?
4. How is the sea given a human quality?
5. What is unusual about Winter’s lips?
6. What words suggest the terrible power of Winter in the final stanza?
7. The speed of Winter’s movement steadily increases during the poem. How do we learn this from the first line of each stanza?
8. What two sound words showing the actions of Winter can you find in the first stanza?

School Sound Words
Writing down sound-words (Onomatopoeia) for each of these actions taken from school.
1. Bells
2. Students
3. Teachers
4. Chalk
5. Tuckshop
6. Loud Speakers
7. Classrooms
8. Computers
9. Verandas
10. Doors
Sounds - Brian Moses
Miss asked if we have any favourite sounds,
and could we quickly write them down.
Tim said the screeeeam of a mean guitar
or a saxophone or fast sports car.
Shakira said cats when they purr on your lap
and Jamie, the CRASH of a thunderclap.
Paul asked what word he could possibly write
for the sound of a rocket on Guy Fawkes Night
or a redwood tree as it fell to the ground
and Miss said to write it as it sounds.
So Paul wrote Whoooooooooooosh with a dozen o’s
and CRACK with a crack in it, just to show
the kind of noise a tree might make
as it hit the ground and made it SHAKE.
Then everyone began to call, hey listen to this,
what do you think? Or is this right Miss,
I can’t decide, if balloons go POP or BANG
or BUST, and do bells peeeal or just CLANG?
Then Miss said it was quite enough
and time to stop all the silly stuff.
What she really likes, and she’s often said
is a quiet room, with every head
bent over books, writing things down.
The sound of silence, her favourite sound!
1. What are Tim’s favourite sounds?
2. What is Shakira’s favourite sound?
3. What is Paul’s word to describe the sound of a rocket on Guy Fawkes Night?
4. What word does Paul use to describe the sound a redwood tree would make as it hit the ground?
5. What sound words do the students suggest for the bursting of a balloon?
6. What sounds are suggested for bells?
7. What is the teacher’s favourite sound in the classroom?
Write in full sentences in your book under the heading 'Sounds'
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