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Peiling Song

No description

Peiling Song

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Peiling Song

What I Want to Be
What career am I interested in?
Skills I Have
Skills I Need to Work On
Where I Want To Be
The Future
How to Get There
Steps To Take
The future is something that is predictable. Whatever happens, it will have happened because of the decisions made in the past and the decisions made today. There will be bumps in the road, that not something that can be avoided. There may be times where everything needs to be changed in order to move forward. All I know now is that I like to live in today, and be present in the moment rather than be too focused on the things that may or may not happen.
What to Work on
Learning Skills
By: Peiling Song
My Guidebook
Where Am I Now?
Right now, I am a student who has just finished their first year of high school. My grades aren't too low, and I am having fun going to school. I am good at working with others and making I am prepared and my work is handed in on time. As far as academics go, English and Geography have never been my best subjects. However, Math, Science, and Art seem to be something I am better at. I am also indecisive and have absolutely no clue as to where I want to be in the future. As of right now, my interests range from social services to graphics design and everything in between.
I am good at working with people
I am not terrible at art
I can work with computers easily
I learn new things really quickly
I am open to new ideas
Being open with other people
Sharing ideas
Taking initiative
Time management
Attention span
Think (analysis)
Decide what I want to do in the future
Finish high school with good marks
Be accepted into a good university and earn a degree
Be happy :)
Get a job in a field that I like working in
Work hard in school
Plan ahead
Do research
Ask around to find out how to achieve my goals
Try new things to see if there is anything else that I am more interested in.
Have a backup plan
Work on skills (responsibility, organization etc.)
I am good at art, I like trying new things, and I can work with computers. Based on what I've learned, I am currently interested in design. Which specific type of design I am not sure.
Stay organized
Plan ahead to work on time management
Oral Communication, practice speaking with people
Being more assertive
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