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Aleutian Islands, Alaska (Mt.Cleveland)

No description

leah cunningham

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Aleutian Islands, Alaska (Mt.Cleveland)

The Aleutian Islands, Alaska
52,8 N, 169.9 W
Geological Features
Impact Benefits
Global Benefits:
The volcano is still active which allows for more research options
Local Benefits:
Having the volcano there attracts more tourists which brings the region more money
Impact Risks
Past events:

Volcanic eruptions, 22 in the past 230 year
Local & Global Impacts:
It is remote so there are few civilized areas destroyed, although volcanic ash can ruin the sensitive equipment on airplanes flying over.
Future Predictions:

Future predictions is that there will be another volcanic eruption in 2016
The Cleveland mountain is a hot spot
The mountain is also a volcano
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