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Cyber Bully

No description

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Cyber Bully

Results of Cyber Bullying on Victim
increased feelings of sadness and loneliness
changes in sleep and eating patterns
loss of interest in activities
more health complaints
miss, skip or drop out of school
receive poor grades
have lower self-esteem
use alcohol and drugs
The Tree of Cyber-Bullying
This is where the choices are made
If you reply with a mean comment, you are involving yourself into an unwanted situation
If you ignore it, then you are doing the right choice
#2 Reacting to it
Tell a person of high authority in the school and get that person punished for what they did
have a parent go to the principal for a meeting
Cyber Bullying usually starts with someone that posts a selfie
or in facebook or twitter, it starts with a post
When people and the internet become too much to handle, people decide to end their lives because of the pain and hurt.
If you respond with a mean comment
Stop Cyberbullying
Shut down computer or phone and go to parents for help
block the person
ignore it
Cyberbullying usually doesn't end well.
Some commit suicide
Some live through it because they made the right choices
Some just live with the insults and scars for the rest of their lives
This can lead to people laughing at you or getting mad at you which makes them want to bully you more
Stop the problem for good by confronting them and having good friends to have your back
#3 Solving the problem
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#1 React
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