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Copy of YPI: Youth Philanthropy Initiative

this is a presentation explaining the need of donation for child marriage.

dreamstar11 @hotmail.co.uk

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of YPI: Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Our issue!
The issue we chose to work on is child marriage.
Forward UK
A Brief History!
Did you know ...
14 million girls under the age of 18 are put into a forced marriage relationship every year.
63% off forced marriage victims usually get sexually abused after.
92% of women are victims of forced marriage and 8% of men.
maby people in the uk are using methods to escape thier forced relationship, for example the spoon trick used to stop going abroad.

what is forced marriage ?

where does this happen?
This issue happens all over the world even in England where the Government say forced marriage a “serious abuse of human rights” adults and children are still being forced to get married against their free will.
Where does this happen?

Where child marriage happens
Why we think our charity should win...

Girl, 14, pregnant after Pakistan forced marriage,

judge says A 14-year-old girl became pregnant after being taken to Pakistan by her father and forced to marry a man, a judge has said.

She was subjected to violence during which a gun was produced, according to Mr Justice Holman.

The girl returned to England where she gave birth.

Details emerged in a written ruling following a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in Birmingham.

By Haya, Sereena,and Karima
karima and sarah
Most children who are forced into a marriage have to leave school at an early age and have to become adults in childhood.
1/3 of girls who are forced marriage become pregnant at an early age, most of them die.
Most people facing child marriage get abused in many sorts of ways, this includes: rape, violence and also threats.
Did you know?
14 million girls under the age of 18 marry each year.
We believe our charity deserves to win because this could change millions of children lives!
Help put a stop child marriage!.
What our charity could do with the
Forward UK has a youth group and many other programs for young people,for example..

Young people speak out !
Forward UK also has many upcoming Events this year they plan to achieve the following;

Engaging males in gender issues and establishing a supportive campaign group for young men from the African Diaspora.
A Peer education training program
A mentoring scheme
Creative Public awareness and fund raising events.
Why do they do this?

What is child marriage?
When I was 10 my parents arranged for me to marry in the forest. They pretended it was just a party. But it was a wedding and they sent me away. My mother never told me I was going to be married. They came and took me by force. I cried but it didn't make any difference.

Child Bride aged 10

Even in this school!.....
"one gender on it's own cannot solve the problem of the world. ywo ganders coming togeather to serce humanity itself may have a chance"
"one gender on it's own cannot solve the problem of the world. two ganders coming togeather to serce humanity itself may have a chance"
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