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Brand Sponsorship Theories

Evaluating Brand Sponsorship through established theories

Sarah Weinstein

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Brand Sponsorship Theories

Brand Sponsorship Brands + Sponsorships = Recall + Awarenss Thank you!
Questions? For each pink bucket purchased by franchise operators, 50 cents goes to the Komen for the Cure campaign. Associates brands with entertainment and emotional experience. The only Tobacco sponsorship in the U.S. KFC/Susan G. Komen Music Festivals Tobacco/Rodeo Timberland/City Year -Congruity Theory
-Elaboration Liklikhood Model
-Source Credibility Central route
Peripheral route -Hovland, 1951
-Effectiveness of a message depends on the expertness and
trustworthiness of the source Opportunity to reach a demographic that isn't normally reached by local affiliates.
Backfired - incongruent KFC – Buckets for the Cure™
April 5 through May 30, 2010 High brand recall.
People more willing to accept sponsorship since it's necessary for the survival of fesitvals, and adds to the experience. Reaches a rural, blue-collar market. Establishes the brand's personality. Associate with the All-American Cowboy.
Five year commitment of $5 million. Made a custom uniform and completely outfitted volunteers. Establish corporate responsibility and encourge volunteerism among employees. Osgood, 1957 Person Object Source Petty & Cacioppo, 1986 O'Keefe, 1990
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