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Grade 8 Substance Use, Additions and Related Behaviors Group Assignment- Energy Drinks Presentation

Grade 8 Health Assignment

Alvin Curtamet

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Grade 8 Substance Use, Additions and Related Behaviors Group Assignment- Energy Drinks Presentation

Part 1: Defining the Drug You Have Chosen to Research Part 4: Current Affairs/Making Connections By: Alvin Curtamet and Taylor Reid Grade 8 Substance Use, Additions and Related Behaviors Group Assignment- Energy Drinks Presentation Part 2: Reasons for Drug Use Part 3: Impact of Drug Use It mainly comes in a can, glass bottle, or in a small bottle (5 Hour Energy Shots) and it looks like a regular drink. (For example, juice.) Name of the Drug- Category- What does the category label mean? (Definition of Stimulant)- What the drug looks like and/or the different forms it can be found in- Energy Drinks Stimulant A substance that raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body. What are the Key Reasons People Try this Particular Drug?- •It’s a Stimulant for the Central Nervous System
•It helps Improve Memory
•Some energy drinks have Antioxidants
•It gives you All-Around Energy Define Stress and how it relates to Usage- Pressure or tension exerted on a material object: "the distribution of stress is uniform across the bar". Energy Drink Usage relates to stress because if you’re stressed out then you will be mad which can cause cravings like caffeine to calm yourself down. This may only apply to most people because other people have other ideas for relieving stress, such as smoking, drinking, exercising or relaxing. Define Addiction and Explain how it relates to Usage- The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Energy Drink Usage relates to addiction because there are so many people who are addicted to energy drinks. The sad thing is that, people don’t know how bad energy drinks are. Energy Drink Cons are as follows:

• The high levels of sugar can cause negative effects on your body’s ability to absorb needed fluids

• Excessive loads of caffeine, which of course is terrible for people

• The high doses of Vitamin B6 (Usually 8000%) in Energy Drinks may cause nerve damage and can lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency. Warning Signs (Behaviour, Physical Appearance)- • High levels of Caffeine can make a person’s behaviour be “jittery” and/or hyper sometimes, especially if they drink more than one energy drink a day

• The high doses of Vitamin B6 that can cause nerve damage, can both affect behaviour and physical appearance due to damage to certain nerves in the body

• Energy Drinks in general can Increase Heart Rate

• Energy Drinks in general can cause Nausea and Vomiting How Energy Drinks Affect Family, Friends, Academics, and a Person Physically & Judgmentally Affects Judgment Reasoning- Energy drinks affect many things, but judgment and reasoning is a main one. Once an energy drink is consumed the heart rate goes up forcing you to have adrenaline rushes (one of the outcomes being that you breathe faster) and once you are all "hyped" up, sometimes you don't think straight even though it helps improve memory. For example, there is a car coming and you run across the street thinking you have enough time and you actually make it. Now say you take an energy drink and do the same thing, but this time you don't have enough time and you will get hit by a car if you try crossing the street. Though, the energy drink might make you not notice this, resulting in a bad car accident. Affects Physically- There have been many reports of heart attacks and brain injuries involving kids because they had too many energy drinks. Energy drinks affect you physically because most kids don't realize what the side effects of an energy drink are. Statistics on Current Usage Rates- Energy Drink / Sales 2011 / Sales 2012

Red Bull / $2.3 billion / $2.95 billion

Monster / $1.9 billion / $2.6 billion

Rock Star / $660 million / $780 million

AMP / $330 million / $300 million

Double shot / $250 million / N/A

NOS / $220 million / $250 million

Full Throttle / $130 million / $140 million Issues in the News (Newspaper, Internet, T.V., Podcast, Magazines)- CTV News says that the 5 Hour Energy Shots are the worst kind of “Energy Drink” there is because one 5 Hour Energy Shot equals 190 mg of Caffeine! 190 mg of Caffeine is equal to 1 XL Cup of Tim Horton’s Coffee or exactly 6 Coke Cans! Thus, if you’re wanting the “healthiest” energy drink, do not buy 5 Hour Energy because of these results! Palpitations / tachycardia
Tremor / shaking
Agitation / restlessness
Gastrointestinal upset
Chest pain / ischemia
Dizziness / syncope
Paraesthesia (tingling or numbing of the skin)
Respiratory distress
Headache Here are all the Side Effects from drinking Energy Drinks: Text to Text, World and Personal Connections (Why is this subject relevant to you, Based on your age, gender, social status, entering high school and pressures at home and school?)- Energy Drinks is relevant to me because even though I haven’t had an Energy Drink before, I know that people that play sports often have Energy Drinks before and/or after a game or practice, this relates to hockey players because some hockey players drink Energy Drinks before and/or after a hockey game. Another connection would be how some people don’t really think about Energy Drinks because they think it just gives them Energy, but the problem is what’s inside an energy drink. Energy Drinks if overused can be harmful to your body, from nerve damage and all of the side effects to increased heart rate and nausea/vomiting or even worse, death. I think it’s safe to say that if somebody is thinking about having an Energy Drink all the time, they should think again after reading this because people should never abuse the privilege thinking that “drinking more energy drinks can give me more Energy” because Energy Drinks are only good for gaining energy from specific situations or gaining back energy from specific situations. Statistics on Injury Rates (Such as Car Accidents), Overdoses, Self-Harming, Depression, Death- In 2011, there were 20,783 reported emergency room visits in which an energy drink was cited as the primary cause of or a contributing factor to a health problem, compared with 10,068 in 2007•

Students who felt more connected to school and had an academic average of 70% or higher were less likely to consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks

Of the 5448 US caffeine overdoses reported in 2007, 46% occurred in those younger than 19 years

One study found that 28% of 12- to 14-year-olds, 31% of 12- to 17-year olds, and 34% of 18- to 24-year-olds reported regularly consuming energy drinks

About 20% of Canadian high school students reported consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks in the last year THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Affects Family- Energy drinks affect family because when you have taken an energy drink it brings up your heart rate. If you are at home and have just had an energy drink, your family experiences it because once your heart rate is up you may not think properly or you may forget things. This can possibly lead to arguing between you and your family members. Affects Friends- Energy drinks affect friends because most of the time you probably will have a energy drink with a friend, but doing this will probably make your blood pump faster to your heart and once your blood starts pumping faster it causes an adrenaline rush. If your all hyped up and your friend maybe says something you don't agree with you will get more angry than usual and possibly hurt them or lose a friendship. Affects Academics- Energy Drinks affect academics because a lot of students will take an energy drink to study later and longer at night. Though, Energy drinks don't keep you up for forever. Once you take an energy drink, usually an hour or two later you start getting tired and thus you could sleep in and miss school, or you could get very tired in school and not be thinking very clearly.
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