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Fracking has a positive impact and pople need to know the facts when it comes time to vote.

Rory Blankenship

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Fracking

By Rory Blankenship Fracking Positive Impacts What is Fracking? Fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to drill into the shale layer 1.2 to 3.7 miles underground and extract the natural gas from below the earth. The drill that creates the hole then fractures the ground causing little cracks that the gas can travel through. These gases are then carried up in a liquid called fracking fluid and delivered to the oil companies. Fracking is profitable and needs to continue because it provides our economy with jobs, it is not harmful to our environment, and it is a safe and an efficient way to deliver an abundant amount of natural gases to the U.S. Creating Jobs Ashley Rittenhouse from The Marietta Times states “Ohio’s natural gas and crude oil industry could help create and support more than 200,000 Ohio-based jobs.” These jobs will create opportunities for people who have been layed off. David Holthaus states that the companies are taxed and their payment is “tax is 10 cents per barrel of oil and two-and-a-half cents per 1,000 cubic feet” At the producing rate for the frack wells taxes could be reduced. Fracking opportunities have been sparking the interest of many young researchers. Five researches from Cleveland State University, Ohio State University and Marietta College looked into the jobs it could create. Finding their results, the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote, “They forecast that by the end of 2014, fracking will create 65,680 new jobs in Ohio.” He also wrote that fracking can create $3,300,000,000 in wages. The farmers that have been working for years are being offered up to $6,000/acre and it is negotiable to get a cut of the profits which is where the real money is. The money trapped under our land is worth a huge amount. In fact Chesapeake’s research shows “The find could raise the value of its land holdings in eastern Ohio to a staggering amount – up to $20 billion.” Natural Resources The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources emphasizes that Ohio has“Produced 4,852,964 barrels of crude oil, at an average price of $90.06 per barrel.”Andrew Thomas and Bob Chase have researched the production of the 87 wells that they have drilled and they have come up with the following: “Their overall average daily production per well: 205 bbls of oil, 150 bbls of natural gas liquid and 3.8 million cubic feet of gas.” These wells are even among the lower of the producing wells. In noble county there was a well that during it’d first 20 days of producing 475 barrels of oil and 600 thousand cubic feet of gas everyday. We need the gases for fuel made into materials like cement, power generation, fertilizers and have many other uses but the gases that we are in countries that no longer give them to America but they are now literally under our feet and we have figured out a way to recover them. David Holthaus agee's “The production potential is so large that some experts predict the U.S. could become an exporter of natural gas in a few years.” Environmental Concerns After testing the county (Carroll County) with the most fracking wells, we found that Carroll county tested negative for methane, metals, and earthquakes. Along with this, Carroll county had the highest amount of living organisms in their water out of all the other samples we tested. John Kasich wrote to those who asked him about fracking, "I'd like to share an important Ohio fact with you—more than 80,000 wells have been hydraulically fractured in Ohio without one incident of groundwater contamination." He states the the sites are closely monitored during their construction and the inspection team is sure to see that the regulations are followed." Fracking is also supposedly linked to earthquakes but The Ohio Department of Natural Resources clearly states "six injection wells, out of 144,000 in the U.S., have been linked to earthquakes." There are two county out of nine that we tested that are positive for methane and when we tested the water for metals over half the county’s didn't have metals and the one county with the single most fracking in Ohio tested negative for metals. Marathon Oil even says “The trapped gas in these shale reservoir is being safely and efficiently produced, gathered and distributed to customers.”. Environmental concerns aren’t needed because this process is safe and effective. Researchers Andrew Thomas and Bob Chase state there have been “thousands of wells drilled in Ohio since the late 1940’s” If thousands of these wells have been fracked starting in the 1940’s then we would have been seeing the affects by now. But since we haven’t seen these effects you can conclude there are no negative environmental effects. We Need Fracking In conclusion fracking is creating jobs and helping our economy get back on its feet. We are working hard to moves towards a better and efficient way to deliver natural gas to Ohio but we need the support of the people. As young students it is important that you know all the benefits and all the reason for why fracking is a the right choice for Ohio. Soon you will have the opportunity to vote for fracking and it is important that you are aware what a vital part of our community that fracking is. “Now is the time to ensure that jobs are created for Ohioans” Sherrod Brown. 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