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Conduction, convection, and radiation

Heat transfer

Christine Russell

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Conduction, convection, and radiation

Quels sont les sources de chaleur à la plage?
Definition: the transfer of thermal energy across a substance or between two substances that
. This transfer happens when particles hit each other.
Examples: When a kettle touches a stove element;
when hot water touches a cup.
Metals are good conductors so they're often used to make products in your house.
Insulators are used to make products that prevent energy transfer (e.g, plastic, rubber, cotton, etc.)
Definition: the transfer of thermal energy from one part of a liquid or gas to another part. This transfer is caused by the circulation of slow and fast particles.
Examples: When you heat up soup (hot soup moves toward the surface and cold soup sinks to the bottom);
Hot air rises towards the roof and cold air falls to the ground.
Definition of radiation energy: energy that travels in empty space in the form of electromagnetic
. Examples: light, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays.
Definition of radiation: transfer of radiation energy using electromagnetic waves.
Examples: the Sun, the rays in a micro-wave, a fire, light from a lightbulb
Your turn! Identify whether the following examples are conduction, convection or radiation;
a) baking cookies in the oven
b) making pancakes in a fry pan
c) grilling meat on a BBQ
Conduction: Thermal energy is transferred when the metal grill touches the meat.
Radiation: Thermal energy is transferred when the fire warms the food.
Convection: Thermal energy is transferred when the lid is closed and hot air circulates.
Conduction: L`énergie thermique est transférée quand la poêle à frire touche le mélange à crêpe.
Conduction: Thermal energy is transferred when the baking sheet touches the cookie batter.
Convection: Thermal energy is transferred when the hot air in the oven circulates.
Radiation: Thermal energy is transferred when the heating element becomes hot.
Energy transfer:
Thermal energy travels on it's own when hot particles in one substance hit cold particles in another substance. It always begins with the movement of the hot particles.
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