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Original - Starting an Essay

Dade County 8th grade resource

Stacey Wright

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Original - Starting an Essay

Starting An Essay the six step guide to your seven key sentences Step 1: count it out Step 5: three supporting paragraph topic sentences Step 2: transitions Step 3: controlling idea Step 4: restate controlling idea Step 6: attention grabber
& clincher Borrowed from: Dade County Middle School
Revised by: Stacey Wright Did you say you have a writing assignment? Help is on the way! When you write, remember this formula:
audience + main idea + three subtopics Now, get busy and good luck! Remember the 7 Key Sentences: Attention Grabber
Controlling Idea
1st Supporting Paragraph
2nd Supporting Paragraph
3rd Supporting Paragraph
Restate Controlling Idea
Clincher 10 * 12 * 12 * 12 * 10 Writing Situation
Thirty years ago, cell phones were an uncommon piece of technology. In today's world, cell phones are a primary means of communication. However, some parents do not allow their teens to have cell phones. Teens who have phones would not think of leaving their house without their phone. Sometimes it seems as if parents don't understand all the advantages of their children having a phone.

Directions for Writing
Write an article for a teen magazine explaining why teens need to own cell phones. Be sure to include specific facts and details to support your writing.
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