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STAT 531 Survey of Left-handed desks

Joel Ainsworth

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of lefty_survey_OSU

OSU classrooms
Desks in each room
Sampling Frame
Random Sample of 30 classrooms
Random draw came from 15 buildings
Observers took a census of each classroom
Counted each left-handed desk
Also counted total desks in classrooms
List of 126 general-purpose classrooms provided by registrar
Coded by seating type
Sampling Frame = 65 classrooms
only considered moveable chairs with tablets
Survey of Left-handed desks at Oregon State University
Approximately 10 percent of the U.S. Population is left-handed
60 percent of our group is left-handed!
Not having access to "leftie" desks can be a hassle
Total Desks = Mi
Left-Handed Desks = t
1-Stage cluster sampling
Ratio estimation
Ratio of left-handed desks to total desks
Estimate accounts for unequal group size
What did we discover?
Our Conclusion
Any Questions?
Thank You!
Our ratio estimate is 0.114 with a 95 % CI of (0.095, 0.132)
Adjusted R-Squared = 0.016
High variability within rooms
Cluster Sampling relatively efficient compared to SRS
Need to limit our inferences
Other rooms with fixed seats were excluded from this study
What did our data look like?
Expected proportion of left-handed desks falls within our 95 % confidence interval
OSU provides reasonable accommodations for "lefties"*
But we need to be careful!
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