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The Fall of Rome Project

By Carter Stengel, Aaron Guevara, Michael Sekera, Mason Johnson, and Sadoc Arteaga

Carter Stengel

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome Project

And Finally the PPT
on what was in the textbook... The Fall of Rome in the Western Empire Some of the causes of the of the fall was invasions, how big the empire was, and the taxes and prices rose. Overview Causes of the Fall Inside Outside Problems This prezi is going to be on the Fall of Rome.
You are going to learn how the Roman Empire
fell, who invaded it, and why they divided it into two parts. Quick movie on the fall
of Rome. Chapter 2
Section 2
7th Grade History http://www.brainpop.com/socialstudies/worldhistory/falloftheromanempire/zoom.weml By : Carter Stengel, Aaron Guevara,
Sadoc Arteaga, Micheal Sekera,
and Mason Johnson Before the Roman Empire fell, the Empire was in the Pax Romana. This was when there was peace, prosperity, and people flourished. It started to fall when it grew too big Before it Fell Test on the Fall of Rome Whoa!!! PowerPoint for more information... Thank You! THE MAIN IDEA

1. Many problems threatened the Roman Empire, leading one emperor to divide it in half.

2. Barbarians invaded Rome in the 300s and 400s.

3. Many factors contributed to Rome's Fall.


Problems from both outside and inside caused the Roman Empire to split and the western empire collapsed. Main idea & the BIG IDEA. 500 b.c. 500 a.d. b.c. 1 a.d. 509 b.c. Rome sets up a republic
Fall of the Western Roman Empire The questions!!!!!!! 1. Who divided the empire into two? Who reassembled the empire after Diocletian divided the empire? What did the emperors do to achieve their goals? What is corruption? What major event happens in AD 410? Hard Question
What was all of the problems in and out of the Roman Empire? Inside: Large size, Corruption, Rich citizen leaving Rome, and taxes and prices rose

Outside: Barbarians attack Do you think splitting the empire into two was a good idea? Possible answer (s)
Yes because it can be manageable
No because the emperors can fight each other Who was the leader of the Huns? Attila Why didn’t the Huns attack Rome? That is all of the questions I hope you learned something

Goodbye Emperor Diocletian Emperor Constantine Threats and bribery They heard they had
diseases in Rome The decay of people’s values The Goths sack Rome Put Right Here
in Cornell Notes for the Main Ideas.. When Diocletian took control of the eastern half, who took control of the western half? Brain Pop Question! Emperor Miximian 264-146 B.C. Rome Battles Carthage during the Punic Wars. 27 B.C. The Roman Republic becomes the Roman Empire TIMELINE!!! Take notes and refrain from off-task conversations while you're watching the Prezi. Thank You! Please..... KEY TERMS AND PEOPLE! Vocab.

Corruption p. 412
The Decay of Peoples values Key Person

Clovis p.411
A Frankish king who built a huge kingdom in Gaul Key Person

Attila p.411
The Huns Leader who raided roman territory Key Person

Diocletian p.409
The emperor who divided Rome in the 200's B.C. The Barbarians were attacking Rome, so they had to also had to pay for the defenses and fight back while other problems were still happening. Put Right Here
in Cornell Notes A.D. 117 The Roman Empire reaches its height. A.D. 286 Diocletian divides the Empire into two A.D. 381 All non-Christian religions are banned in the Empire A.D. 476 The western Roman Empire Falls A.D. 410 The Goths sack Rome ...Big Ideas Put Right Here
in Cornell Notes Ms. Mitchell's Fabulous Class! Inside the Empire, there was corruption, it was too big to control, rich citizens were leaving the Empire, and taxes started to rise Fall of Western Roman Empire By Cadet First Class Arteaga Problems Threaten the Empire At there highest the Roman Empire controlled all the land around the Mediterranean Sea.The Empire in the early 100s went from Britain south to Egypt, but it didn’t stay that big forever. By the end of the 100s the emperors had given up some land the Roman army had conquered reared that the empire was getting to big. As later rulers discovered, these emperors were right. Problems in the Empire Even though the emperors were giving up land people were still threatening them. Tribes of Germanic, the Romans called Barbarians attacked Rome’s northern borders at the same time the Persians armies invaded the east side of Rome. The Romans struggled with within the empire to. As frontier areas abandoned because they were too dangerous, Barbarian tribes moved in. To help produce more food, the Romans even invented Barbarians farmers to grow crops on Roman land. Some of these Barbarians that helped out with the crops were from the same tribes that threatened the Romans. Division of the Empire The emperor, the Romans were looking for was Diocletian who took over in the late 200s.He was convinced that the empire was to big for one ruler. The End of the Western Empire Rome needed strong leaders for there empire but in the 400s they had weak emperors. As attack’s increased on the Roman boarders, military leaders took power away from emperors. By the 450s Rome was ruled by military leaders. Unfortunately for the Roman empire the military leaders that ruled were to busy to run the empire because they were fighting in the war. “ Barbarians took advantage of this. In 476 a Barbarian general over threw the last emperor. And that was the end of the Western Roman Empire. Some of this was from the text book.

Thank you for watching! Barbarians Invaded Rome “Not long after Constantine moved Rome’s capital, German barbarians the Romans considered uncivilized from the north began to raid the Roman Empire. Barbarian tribes had settled along the empire’s northern boarder in the 200s. For more than 100 years these tribes. mostly stayed out of Roman territory. Late in the 300s, though, the barbarians began raiding deep into the heart of the empire.” LEGIONS!!! The city of Rome falls The Romans started to pay the Goths to not attack Rome. This worked until 408 A.D., when Rome suddenly ended payment. This angered the Goths, and in response they sent the city of Rome into oblivion, despite the Roman defenses. This shocked the empire. No one had even attempted to attack Rome in the last 800 years. Suddenly, people were afraid for the safety of the empire. The Aftermath and Summary The invaders crippled the empire, and almost wiped it out completely, with the invasion of the Huns in Gothic lands, which then caused the Goths to invade Rome. Also the Goths sacked Rome, and inspired many other barbarians to invade the empire and fight Rome to the core. The Enemies of the Roman Empire
(Part of the Fall of Rome project)

By Cadet Corporal
Mason Johnson The Huns The Huns were a powerful and dangerous group of Barbarians from Asia. Although they didn’t actually attack Rome itself, they were a big part of the fall of it.
It all started when the Huns started to attack a rival barbaric group the Goths, which included the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. When Goths Attack… The Goths invaded the unstable Roman Empire to evade the Huns, but the Roman emperor was afraid they would destroy Roman territory, so the Romans and the Goths became locked in combat to keep the Goths out. The Roman armies in the eastern part of the empire were successful, and the Goths were pushed into Western Rome, which caused the defeat of the western armies and the Goths moving into Roman territory. Worse to come… The destruction of Rome served as a beacon of light to other barbaric tribes. In the 400s A.D. the Vandals attacked Spain, and then into northern Africa, wiping out all things in their path. At the same time, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes invaded Britain, and the Franks attacked Gaul. The Frankish king Clovis was powerful and created a massive kingdom in Gaul. How it all started… Ever since Rome developed it was attacked by enemies attacking it, like Carthage. But towards the end of the empire, lots of enemies started to get tired of being under Roman control… Continued… The Huns pushed the Goths to the Roman border, where the Goths were given a dilemma: face attack from the Huns, some of the fiercest warriors in the Eastern Hemisphere, or move into Rome and control their own territory yet risk attack from the Roman army. They chose the second option. Hun invasion While the Goths conquered western Rome, the Huns, under their leader the powerful Attila, conquered part of eastern Rome and decided to return to Asia. Attila knew that lots of dangerous diseases ran wild all over Southern Italy, and decided not to head there. Put Right Here
in Cornell Notes By Cadet Corporal Michael Sekera 2-2
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