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Model Rocket

No description

Mr. Stack

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Model Rocket

Paper Recovery Wadding
Model Rocket Engine Housing
The model rocket could not be recovered after a long hour of looking. The camera inside the rocket did not take any pictures. I apologize for the low quality in the video my mom got scared while filming.
Paper recovery wadding is used in the center of the rocket so it doesn't burn up the parachute. It also protects the parachute from the hot gases that come out of the engine
The engine housings of the model rockets are completely different from each other. The 'SNAPSHOT' came already pre-assembled since it was very small, but the 'Estes - 3228 V2 Level 3' didn't come pre-assembled so I had to build it.
'SNAPSHOT' Model Rocket used a size B engine
'Estes - 3228 V2 Level 3' Model Rocket used a size D engine
That's all folks!
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Oh Wait, It Kind of Is.
The 'Estes - 3228 V2 Level 3' Model Rocket Launch
The Model Rocket; It Isn't Rocket Science,
Thanks for Watching!!!

The '
Model Rocket Launch
The 'SNAPSHOT' Model Rocket came with it's own paper wadding which looked like this
The 'Estes - 3228 V2 Level 3' Model Rocket didn't come with any paper wadding, so I made it myself
'Estes - 3228 V2 Level 3' Model Rocket: non- assembled
Sadly there was no video to be put into the prezi because no one recorded it which is mostly my fault, but luckily you were all there. Half of the rocket exploded and landed on the roof with no parachute, it was not recovered.
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