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Curriculum Maps

No description

Heather Batchelor

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Curriculum Maps

...Or the Fine Art of Advanced Planning Curriculum Maps What is a Curriculum Map? Language Arts Why Bother? This Project
Creates a snapshot of the educational activities and goals of every classroom within a building or district

Captures the content, skills, and assessments taught or administered by every teacher within a school building or district

Organizes this information into an easily accessed visual that presents a timeline of instruction by teacher and course. Key Parts Timeline
Subject Matter Standards/Core Language Standards
Learning Activities
Examples Benefits Help teachers organize their instruction

Encourage teachers to make intentional choices about instruction and avoid a race for "coverage" at the end of the school year

Create consistency in the courses taught by different teachers

Benefits new teachers so they have a framework to work from

Makes you far more organized

Keeps you out of the weeds at the end of the year

Leads to better planned instruction for students Identify grade level standards for a subject you are interested in developing a curriculum map for
Create a time line for a year of instruction
Develop essential questions for all units
Brainstorm three assessments for each unit
Identify three key learning activities for each unit
Identify three resources for the unit

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