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Work Abroad Programme

Presentation on the Work Abroad Programme AIESEC OGX Aston

Efua Minnow

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Work Abroad Programme

Want to GO GLOBAL? We can help you!
Who are we? AIESEC* Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Comerciales. ↓Provide platform for youth leadership through exchange.
↓Offer opportunity to be Global Citizens.
↓Or to change the world.
↓Get the experience and skills that matter today. ↓Largest student-run organisation in the world.
↓50 000 members.
↓Present in 110 countries and territories. Why do we send students abroad? How to register? 1st Step Apply online What type of work do we offer? We have 3 kinds of Traineeships. Developmental Traineeship Educational Traineeship Managerial Traineeship Developmental Traineeship Working with NGO in fields such as:

§ Education
§ Community Development
§ HIV / Diseases Awareness
§ Entrepreneurship
§ Underpriviledged Children Free Accomodation
6-8 Weeks
Flexible working hours
Developing countries So to put it in a nutshell... Internships in 110 Countries You have the choice! Internships related to:

§ Teaching
§ Curriculum Development
§ Counselling/ Tutoring Educational Traineeship Majority educational internships = English teaching
6-52 Weeks
Language schools or Summer Camp
Salaries range from £350-£1000 Managerial Traineeship § Internships related to marketing, human ressources, finance, hotel management and much more...

§ 6 - 18 months placements with salaries ranging from 500$ to 2500$.

§ Involve seperate application process/ interview with relevant company.

§ Post-graduate or applicants with strong CVs only. www.aiesec.co.uk 2nd Step Assesment Centre Payment 3rd Step 4th Step Register on internship database Find your internship How much does it cost? £350 Preparation
Re-integration Why should you go with AIESEC? Cheaper Same fee for every internship and location.
Accomodation organised for you and free in some cases.
Salaries always cover at least living expenses. Case study: Teaching English in China ORGANISATION AIESEC BUNAC Frontier DURATION COST SALARY pm Min 6 weeks 6 Months 1 Month 1 Month £350 £2095 £1095 £2050 ~£350 £200 N/A N/A Flexible Experience Internships in more than 110 countries. Start date throughout the year, peak in summer More internships than students applying. Work with other students from all over the world Make friends for life Culture immersion guaranteed Develop skills and improve your C.V. THANK YOU Do not forget to put your passport number! Experiences Project What you will receive Before you go Welcome pack + T-shirt
Training on how to search in our global database
Buddy scheme
Preparation seminar On your exchange Airport pick-up
Buddy scheme
Life changing experience

Upon return Reintegration Seminar
Membership to the world's student largest organisation

POLLY p.jaworska@aiesecaston.com
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