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What Is Art?

Presentation for Documentary

Meghan Semple

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of What Is Art?

What Is Art? Classic Art Contemporary Art Phillip
Garrett Street Art Matthew Arnold (C19)
"We aim by art not merely to please, but also show pure and faultless workmanship." Joan Burnett Early art, A skilled field, available mainly to those
of upper class.

Prior the C18, in a mostly preliterate society, visual images were the only way you got information. Often it was used as a vehicle for religion, politics or documentation. It had a defined purpose among society. It was a job, a talent. Democracy lead to a rise in freedom of expression
in the art world

Art became available to all classes of all skill

Due to it's availability to those of any skill, art
became rich with meaning in any topic, no
matter how taboo

It became a voice of the people
-Visitor Services Manager at FACT -Artist Dictionary Definition:
Work produced by such skill and imagination

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products
of those activities CONCLUSION Showing both sides of the art world,
we leave the audience open to
their own conclusion,
in order to appeal to a
wide range of opinions. WHAT IS CLASSIC ART? WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY ART? In order to create audience interest,
We have taken the short documentary film
down to a personal level, our points and
arguments demonstrated by Burnett and Garrett. These characters will feature
between informative scenes
exploring the history of art
to explain it's definitions
C18, The age of Enlightenment

The idea that the creative powers of the individual artist are the centre of what art is.

This was the beginning of the spread of democracy and the rise of the middle class

These ideas lead to modernism, and later, contemporary art as we know it today AVANT GARDE SKILL OR MEANING? Vox Pops Art is SKILL Art is MEANING
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