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Lena Horne

No description

danielle stone

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Lena Horne

LENA HORNE American singer, actress, civil rights activist, and
dancer Lena Mary Calhoun Horne Born June 30, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. Person:Biography Why did we choose her? Both sides of her family were mixed with African American,European,
and Native American, and were considered the upper middle class of well educated African Americans. We chose her because she was an influential leader with a variety of talents. By Danielle Stone
and Candace Sanders From an early age, she had an interest in performing which went against her family's wishes, who felt she should have higher goals. AND THE HARLEM RENAIssANCE Is this someone you would like to emulate? Yes, because she made a lasting impression on people in her lifetime. Her journey was incredible, and her elegance was a gift. To emulate her would be an extreme challenge. How does history judge this person? History judges this person as someone influential and someone that had a substantial impact in today's life for African Americans. Who, in today's society might you compare to this person? We could compare her to Jill Scott who is also a singer/actress, American poet, and songwriter. Her parents divorced in 1920 when she was three and her father moved to an upper-middle- class community in the Hill District. Her mother was an actress with a black theatre troupe and traveled a lot, so when Horne was five, she was sent to live in Georgia. An American legend. EARLY LIFE Quotes By Lena " I was unique in that I was a kind of black that white people could accept. I was their daydream. I had the worst kind of acceptance because it was never for how great I was or what I contributed. It was because of the way I looked."
-Lena Horne Always be smarter than the people who hire you.
-Lena Don't be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it's just death.
-Lena It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.
-Lena Timeline 1920 Lena's parents divorced. 1933 Lena was sixteen, and starring in the Charity Show. She played the role of the bride in "Marriage via Contract" with the Junior Theatre Guild. 1920-1940 1934 She started working for "The Cotton Club" as a dancer. 1935 Joined the "Noble Sissle Society Orchestra" as a singer and she had a tap dance routine. She went by the name Helena Horne. 1937 Married Louis J. Jones. and exactly 11 months later her daughter Gail was born. 1938 Forced back into show business due to financial issues, Lena landed a leading role in the all black musical "The Duke is Tops". 1939 Lena appeared on Broadway in the musical revue Leslie's Blackbirds of 1939. 1940 She gave birth to her second child Edwin "Teddy". Lena's marriage to Louis Jones ended by the end of 1940. Upon returning to New York after breakup of her marriage, and also crossing the color barrier, Lena became a vocalist with Charlie Barnet's band. It was a well known white band and Lena toured and made a few of her first recording with them. Reaction/Interpretation How does the written work of this person make you feel? Her quotes make us feel inspired because she went through so much just to be able to sing. Lena pushed through the color barrier, and her quotes reflect who she was, and the way she was treated. What are the implications for society? The implications are that for the most part, you shouldn't base your acceptance on how someone looks. You should also be smart, and wise so you don't have to be dependent on others for everything. Lena's most well known song was called "Stormy Weather". Science To start off, Lena Horne died in 2010 so we had to find out her net worth from the
previous year, which was $53.4 trillion. So for Lena Horne, $53.4 trillion of 1930 dollars would be worth
$726,027,397,279.50 in 2010 and $53.4 trillion of 2010 dollars would be
$3,869,000,000,000 in 1930. SALARY EXTRAPOLATION How would this person's salary compare today? The Lie Detector or "Polygraph" In 1921, John A. Larson invented the polygraph or today known as a "lie detector". It works by measuring the heartbeats and breathing rates of a person to see if they're lying or not. If their readings were high, they are lying. What is this person's impact on your life today? Without Lena, there most likely wouldn't be many African American singers and/or actresses. She was a truly remarkable civil-rights activist and an all around amazing woman that everyone should take a moment to recognize. Without her, the celebrity world would still be dominated by the Caucasian race. What was happening in Harlem and other major cities that had an impact? People were thinking outside of the box and using their creativity to share their opinions and great works with the world. Thank you Lena, for all you did.
March 30, 1917-May 9, 2010.
<3 The Harlem Renaissance was a time of rebirth, and a time where your views could be expressed. Through music, and being a civil right's activist, Lena did just that.
And remember, "You have to be taught to be second class; you're not born that way."-Lena.
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