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Hammurabi's Code and The Twelve Tables Vs. Modern Day Laws

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Jose Tayag

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Hammurabi's Code and The Twelve Tables Vs. Modern Day Laws

Hammurabi's Code and The Twelve Tables Vs. Modern Day Laws
Modern day laws have always been influenced by many past governments, such as The Hammurabi's Code and Twelve Tables.

Today our group will show the reasons of why these laws can no longer be implemented in today's world.
For all due respect, The Twelve Tables and Hammarubi's Code have been great foundation of government, but they can no longer be implemented in today's society. If so, the contributions of this government, will all be in vain and we will destroy all the growth of today's flawed but managable government.
Thank you!
Motivational Activity
Code 200: "If a man knock out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out"

Code 201: "If he knock out the teeth of a freed man, he shall pay one-third of gold mina"

Who is Hammurabi?
The ruler of Babylonia during 1792-1750 BCE

Expanded flourishment of many beginning civilizations

Had intellectual strategies to maintain a manageble community

Not the best with architecture nor economic power, but with government

His greatest achievement was the "Hammurabi's Code"
What is the Hammurabi's Code?
282 laws that "dealt with all aspects of everyday life, minor offenses and punishments"

Each law consisted of a potential case with verdicts

Punishments included: Beatings, fines, and even execution

First code to use fear in religion to enforce order

Had the moral of "an eye for an eye" but it depended on social class

Favored rich over poor
"An Eye for an Eye"
Hammurabi's Code
What are The Twelve Tables?
A law created during 451-450 B.C

The Roman's attempt of maintaining the order of civil rights between the patricians and plebeians

One of the earliest pieces of Roman literature

Has well, 12 laws as you can tell by the name, but was originally 10 laws

Faced government, leadership, religion, and economical differences

Was displayed in public for all to see
What good came out of this?
Table I mandates that when a person is accused, both the accuser and accused must attend trial

Table III gave debtors 30 days to pay off their debt and then the creditor can choose to imprison them

Table IV made a man's will binding

Table VIII lists certain punishments like:
-If a witness does not show up to court, they no longer can be a witness
-Liars will be out to death

Table IX specifies capital punishments for judges who take bribes and shall be put through treason
The Plebeians and Patricians
Patricians were regarded as an aristocracy, and most worked as government officials

They were members of an heriditary class with political power plebeians lacked
The plebeians were the urban common people who had less influence on things

They ranged from semi-skilled artisans to blacksmiths to even the lowest levels of job
The Branches of Government
Senate and House of Representatives
President and Vice President
Supreme Court
Today's Government Achievements
Amendment 13 probhits slavery in U.S

Amendment 26 covers the right of voting if 18 or older and a U.S. Citizen

Amendment 14 certifies the idea of civil rights

Equal Rights Amendment (#19) banned discrimination of sex

Amendment 20 gives a specific amount of terms of office
Problems with Today's Government
The problem is that American government is more responsive to special interests than the public interest

In the last 10 years the number of people who believe the government does not listen to the public ranged from 50%-75%

Our government is primarily reacting to powerful elites

In professional terms, Donald Trump has also affected most of the public with his racial, sexist, and disability statements. He violtates the rights of many human rights, while convincing the crowd he will save America
Comparison of Crimes
The Twelve Tables
Today's Government
Hammurabi's Code
If a person is accused of murder and the accuser cannot prove it, the accuser will die
Some elites however could get away with murder
If you kill a freeman, you will be guilty of a capital crime
However, if not intentional or malice, a ram will be substituted as sacrifice
First to introduce the rule of "prove before guilty"
Classifies each act of murder as degrees:

Involuntary murder- fine or imprisonment of 8 years

Voluntary murder- fine or imprisonment of 15 years

Second degree- Terms of years to life

First degree- Put to death or life of imprisonment
You'll see....
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