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Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of lewis

The unseen
working in partnership with adults
working in partnership with people closer to the disable individual; so by the close ones i mean families, carers, and social workers. with the partnership you would be able to discuss situation and give support to each other whilst working together to support and benefit the individual, so any abuse can be avoided.
what ever team you are in, there is always one leader that will overlook everything and decided.
Partnership working
orking with partners will increase the standard of care given to the individual. The people you work with during the individual care, will have a better understand on certain topics, therefore it will help the individual; improve the care that has been decide and even the workers; to find more information about the topic, whilst improving their techniques for caring.

Staff training
Giving staff a certain amount of days away from work, to give them training which helps to increase their education on their care, and ways to give care.
Partnership is a team that have a different relationship between two or more parties
Multi-agency is two or more different agencies working together to help a care for an individual.
Multi agency is the workers within the service, outside the services and the family/ friends, that work together to provide a better care for the individual.

You will have different sections with a group, that will work on a different task but on a specific date, all groups leaders will meet up and make decision on forms; care plans, and who is on track.

Decision making processes and forums
Meetings with staff and family.
The unseen take staff quality of care seriously, this is why every week we arrange the staff to demonstrate their care skills on a dummy, this will be monitored so if one or more staff needs improving staff training will be provide. This is done because we follow the CQC guidelines and try to maintain the CQC standards.


Role of care quality commission
Make sure that care provided by health and social care services and they are meeting the government standards of quality and safety.
The unseen working with partnership
The unseen will work within partnership, because we feel it an effective way to increase the safety and the quality of care given to the individual. For example by working in partnership it helps to bring more knowledge and experience within the team therefore increasing the individual's care, which one of our main aims.
we arrange meeting with the close partners to the individual and discuss what they would like for us to do to increase the quality of care, whilst within this meeting they can talk with other workers to improve their knowledge on the different ways to care for an individual. So within this meeting it helps to increase an effective partnerships, whilst improving the staff skills within their care.
The unseen will discuss with the staff and the family, to find out what they would like within the service to help the individual development and care, for example the staff training or equipment. By doing this it will increase the individual development whilst increasing the staff care skills.
Also the unseen has many different health and social agency that they work with, so if the staff or family would like a particular agency, we will try our hardest to bring them within the service.
The unseen will bring all the head of departments in to discuss what are the issues and what are meeting the CQC standards. By doing this we are able to identify any issues and find solutions to decrease the issues, whilst monitoring all the care given and find ways to improve the quality of care, therefore helping to maintain the CQC standards.
Between each departments, they will need to arrange meetings to discuss the care plan and what is needed to improve the individual development. After the meeting, the head of department and staff will need to make a decision on what is needed the most whilst looking at what will increase the recovering time for the individual.
After the decision making, one of the staff or head of department will need to contact the family and discuss what decision is been made and ask question about the decisions. for example "are you happy", and "is there anything you would like to be changed".
Also we provide staff and department training in every term to ensure they are following the CQC guidelines while maintain the standards, also we find that by doing training termly it increase the awareness of quality care and the ways to provide different care to different disability individuals.
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