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Self Science Curriculum

No description

Erin Clausen

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Self Science Curriculum

SELF SCIENCE CURRICULUM Proposal Update current curriculum
Offer curriculum school wide
Semester long course
Based off: Daniel Goleman and his book Emotional Intelligence and Six Degrees Organization, which is based on EQ theory
What is EQ? Knowing your emotions
Managing your emotions
Motivating yourself
Recongnizing and understanding other people's emotions
Managing relationships, i.e. the emotions of others, empathy
NEED Personal Power is only offered to EBD students
Would increase student problem solving in all areas of their life
Current research shows us that its needed

At North:
Truancy/Absent Rate: 11%
Suspension Rate: 19.5% have at least one
Expulsion: 7 students
Failure Rate: 11% had two or more failing grades
What Does the Research Say?? Research #2
Emotional Intelligence Is the Missing Piece
Teachers that have used EQ in their classrooms had significant drop in behaviors along with an increase in self-esteem Research #1
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
IQ only accounts for 20% of a person's success in life
EQ accounts for the other 80%
Research #3
Jonathan Cohen, President of the Center for Social and Emotional Education In NY
Success rates are higher when teachers and parents work together and are properly trained
Need to embrace it as much as academic success Research #4
WT Grant Consotium on the School -Based Promotion of Social Competence
45% in drug use
32% in hitting
37% in skipping class
52% in skipping a whole day
37% in lying to parents
71% in completing school work
64% in trust Research #5
Karen F. Stone & Harold Q. Dillehunt
Saw decrease in baseline data when implemented as a regular part of the school day
100% reported increases in: Cooperation Student/Teacher Relationships
Classroom Relationships 88% of Teachers also reported:
Increase in student attendance
Increase in student learning
Decrease in put downs Research #6
Resolving Conflict Creative Program by Linda Lantieri
Pre/Post program
Results Were:
Less violence in class
Fewer verbal put downs
More caring atmosphere
More willingneess to cooperate
More empathy
Improved communication skills
Positive association between academic achievement, particularly reading Research #7
Six Seconds Organization
13 classrooms for 6 weeks EQ increased significantly with brief exposure to the program Anther Six Second Study
667 high school students Higher achievement group showed greater EQ skills

Middle achievement group scored significantly higher than the lower percentile in EQ skills Recommendation Give all student the opportunity to grow emotionally Develop whole person Preventative Program Action Plan Step 1: Analyze current instruction
Step 2: Propose Self Science Curriculum to Admin (Jan 2012)
Step 3: Propose Self Science Curriculum to School Board (Feb 2012)
Step 4: Gather materials, develop syllabus, units, sketch lessons, go to
training (summer 2012)
Step 5: Implement Self Science at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Resource Request Overall Expense: $5,161.45 Evaluation Plan Objective Person
Responsible Timeline Strategies Evaluation
Method 1.Check reduction of truancy, suspensions, expulsions 2. Compare WKCE scores and grades of students to see if there is an improvement 1. Asst Principal, gathering data is secretary 1. Start Spring semester of 2013 1. Through behavior and attendance records 1. Compare Pre Self Science numbers to post Self Science numbers of students who are habitually truant, have suspensions, or expulsions 2. Asst Principals, Counselors, Teacher 2. When WKCE scores come back, into Spring Semester 2013 - Fall 2013 2. Through report cards, WKCE scorecards 2. Compare WKCE scores of students that didn't take Self Science to the ones that have. Compare to see if improvements on grades on students who have taken Self Science class Summary Higher EQ = happier, healthier, and more successful Higher test scores and better school morale Bridges the Gap
Problems of poverty, violence, racism, selfishness
Helps to seek higher quality of life overall
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