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smart homes

No description

Howard Battersby

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of smart homes

Thinushan Smart Homes
Stop 2
the first bathroom was invented for queen Elizabeth it was the first flush toilet by her godson sir John Harrington inside . Poor were outside and this is so bad because it was also outside in winter and when it rains ,snows and even if it's a storm.
stop 4
Now they have every thing that cooks by itself,It's all overprotective,the bathroom is now indoor even with a heater and everything.The chinese japanese and the koreans created it all making stuff even more better. Imagine house in 50 years?
Stop 1
The first ever house was wooden this was a disadvantage for everybody because when one fire starts all the houses burn with it like the great fire of London.The first people to create a house were John Dartnall and his brother Brian Dartnall .
The first kitchen was invented by Lillian Moller but it was every thing had to be hand done so no electricity and no oven to cook
first kitchens
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