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Monday 2.13.17

No description

Amy Swanson

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Monday 2.13.17

Do Now: Challenge
This week we will take a break from the quote analysis do now.

Instead, we'll be doing "ELA Challenges." They are timed.

Here goes with number 1. You'll have 1 minute.
Less Loudly Sung Heroes
You will need to do the following:
1. Submit your collage, paragraph and presentation to the Google classroom. If you turn it in after this period, it will be considered late.
2. When called, go to the library and print your collage (in color to Ms. Pruden's lab) and paragraph to be hung up.
3. Glue your collage to a piece of construction paper to "frame" it.
4. After turning in assignments and/or turning in to the classroom and waiting to be called to print, you should work on your questions on the Greensboro four.
Roots Lesson 19
We're finally past prefixes! This week's roots are:

port-- to bring or carry
struct, stru-- to build
Achieve 3000
Please complete the assignment entitled: A Test To Remember

You don't have to complete the thought question, but if you raise your hand and ask about the thought question, you WILL have to complete the thought question.
Monday 2.13.17
Quiz THURSDAY due to the short week.
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