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UofL Health Promotion Socio-Ecological Model

No description

Sara Choate

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of UofL Health Promotion Socio-Ecological Model

Student Affairs Units
Counseling Center
Academic Units
Support Services
Women's Center
Sodexo Dining Services
UofL Health Promotion
Alcohol & Substances
1. Caitlin Gupta
2. Max Ferraro
Executive Director--Phillip Bressoud, MD
Health Promotion Director
Karen Newton, PHM, RD
BRICC Program Manager
Heather Parrino, MSSW
Program Coordinator, Sr
Sexual Health & Relationships
Sara Choate, MEd
Program Coordinator, Sr
Katrina Kaufman, MEd
Sexual Health & Relationships
1. Patty Cowley
2. Bethany Riley (practicum)
Stress & Sleep
1. Ana Cholakis
2. Christina Rentz (GA
Fitness & Movement
1. Shelby Sturgeon
2. Sam Dugan
3. Tiffany Chea
4. Joel Schmidt
5. Brittany Williams (intern)
Graduate Assistants
1. Sara Wright
2. Christina Rentz--Data &
Assessment, Stress & Sleep
Food, Nutrition & Cooking
1. Karrie Quenichet
2. Christi Smith
3. Jenna Montano
Vol & Student Engagement
1. Ayesha Singh
2. Christian Goodyear
Office Assistants
1. Holly Sexton
Organizational Chart
LGBT Center
A&S Gen101 Classes
College of Business Campus Culture
College of Education & Human Development Academic Orientation
Psychological & Brain Sciences –
Mindfulness Meditation classes
Anthropology – Politics of Food
Kent School of Social Work – Health behavior change
School of Public Health & Information Sciences practicum
Health & Sports Science/HSS
GAMMA/Greek Life
Residence Life
Intramural & Group Fitness
Resident Student Assn.
Student Activities Board (SAB)
Student Government Assn. (SGA)
TRiO Student Support Services
International Center
Cultural Center
PEACC Center
Admissions:New Student
First Year Initiatives
Basic Pantry Cooking Workshops
Cooking Kits in residence halls
Nutrition Navigators
Academic Classes and Workshops
Nutrition Navigators
Health Improvement
for Faculty & Staff
Get Healthy Now
Community Partners
Advanced School of
Therapeutic Massage

Kentucky Cancer Program
Planned Parenthood
Metro Louisville
Dept. of Public Health

Sullivan University
Culinary Arts School

UofL Hospital
Volunteers of America (VOA)
STOP Program

Campus Partners
Health Promotion Connections: on Campus & in our Community
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