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Advangages and Disadvantages of Adobe Fireworks

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Jisa Johns

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Advangages and Disadvantages of Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Fireworks is difficult to use because there are so many tools you have to know it quite well to get it to a good standard.

It is impossible to anticipate and interpret every style and type of code that exists.

This program has advanced functionality that will be useless for most people who are unfamiliar with editing photos.
Fireworks can open and import a wide variety of web content.

One of the major advantages is the organisation it offers.

With this program, you can easily import all of your photos into the software quickly.

You can see everything organised in a neat and orderly way on your screen.

If you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of photos or videos, fireworks can make it easier to find the ones you need and use them.This then will save you a lot of time.
Even though it is relatively simple to use, this is not a program designed for beginners.

Complex Photoshop files don't always open properly on fireworks so this is a drawback.

Another point is that you will need open other programs to use other tools that fireworks doesn't have.
Adobe Fireworks is great for creating multi-page or multi-state designs, this is very helpful; because I can add pages,or I can go back and forth and edit it so it is improved to the very last detail.

Another point is that the program is professional so you can also get into more advanced editing functions without much complication.

Fireworks having a high quality is a bonus because I need it to be spread onto a A4.

It is customizable which is a benefit because then you can change your picture

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