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The future of Telco

Opportunities for startups in telecom industry prepared

Ivan Petkovic

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of The future of Telco

The future of

Mobile Payment & e-Commerce
Payment GW? NFC? e-Invoice?
Loyalty programs?
& Video
Did someone mention OTT?
On mobile? On web? In the shops?
Mobile is on the raise
"OTT this and OTT that"
What about LTE?
A lot of "new stuff" going on
More and more things communicate
Mentioned areas *are not* lone islands
Content is still the king
The future?
e(text)Books, online courses, MOOCs?
High end cloud gaming vs mobile casual gaming?
Licensing? Bundling?
Machine 2 machine
Smart homes, cars, cities, meetering...?
Internet of Things?
Connected life?
Apply, a how-to guide
Apply @
choosing "accelerator" & "Krakow"
Add "Idea Pitch -" before your project name
Use pitch deck template @
Think about ideas discussed today
Cya in 11 days (November 8th) :)
Ivan Petković

Impacts & trends
Today's goal is to answer a few questions but to produce even more :)
Also, let's discuss.
Shall we proceed?
If you think of something later?
Someone mentioned something about infrastructure?
What are we (uniquely) good at:
Huuuuge customer base
We do the infrastructure, you (with us) build on top of it
Some buzzwords: (OpenStack) cloud, data center, fiber, LTE, SaaS/PaaS/IaaS
(4 us)
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