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Archimedes Principle

No description

Huma Amarcy

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Archimedes Principle

Archimedes Principle What is Archimedes Principle? Archimedes principle can be simply stated
that an object floating in water displaces a
volume of water equal to the weight of the object. Law of floatation The law of floatation states that a floating
object displaces its own weight of the fluid
in which it floats. Buoyancy Buoyancy is the loss in weight an object seems
undergo when placed in the liquid; as compared
to its weight in air. Buoyancy is the ability of an object to float in liquid. The relation of the object weight to the weight of water displaces is what determining if the object will float. What is The Density of Water? The density of water is the weight of water per its unit volume, which depends on the temperature of the water. The Experiment The wood block is less dense than water so it floats; or at least it floats partially submerged. An object will float if it displaces (shifts) as much water as it weighs. EX. How does a boat or a ship carry hundreds
of pounds worth of stuff? Ex. Beach Ball *Density means the thickness or consistency of something* Here's A Video The End Thanks For Watching :D
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