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Templates for final project

3Use this as a template to answer questions 1 & 2, in the Lesson 2 assignment.

Shabnam Ahmmed

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Templates for final project

Final Project
Persona and User Cases for Final Project "personal banking diary"
This is an example.
Change as needed.
Use Cases
Able to track fund status either Begining or ending of the month or whenever needs
Unmarried, 28 years
I live in an apartment
have plan to live independently
Loves to travel
In near future, there will have a plan with cost, I need to hold some money for that.
This is an example.
Change as needed.
Feature List
Menu (Current amount, Saving Plan, Expenditure Plan,Diposit)
Deposit money amount
Identify cost in monthly & weekly basis and when these happens deduct from current amount.
Saving money
Saving Plan
Expenditure plan
Build a feature list using another student's persona
Flow for app
Step 1:
Select menu:
Step 2:

Shows total amount in balance (including saving and expenditure)
Shows saved amount of the balance
Shows planned expenditure amount
Indicate where each feature would go in a low res wireframe
<Your photo>
Check current fund status
Step 2:
Shows Menu
Entry in Saving Plan
Edit in Saving Plan
Show the saved amount
Step 2:
Shows Menu
Entry in Expenditure for the Month, week and/or near future
Submit an expenditure
Step 2:
Deposits the money amount with date and a note - if required
Step 3:
Save Plan with date, amount and reason
Edit Plan with date, amount and reason
Show saved amount (list)
Step 3:
Save expenditure plan
with date, amount & note
Submit an expenditure which deducts from current balance
Divided Attention
Divided Attention
Divided Attention
Finite Data and Battery
Sketchy Network
Sketchy Network
Personal Bank
Gives an alert and seeks the permission
It effects the saving amount in total balance
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