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Techie tools to target Multiple Intelligences

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Connect English

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Techie tools to target Multiple Intelligences

Techie tools to target Multiple Intelligences
by Daniela Zallocco
1) Story telling
2) Photo dictionary
3) Writing prompt
4) Retelling
3 meanings of Intelligence:
1) Humans possess 8 or 9.
2) A dimension in which we all differ.
3) The way in which we carry out a task in virtue of a goal.
Tech & perceptions
Ideas in class:
1) Scavenger Hunt
2) Correct mistakes
3) Review questions
4) Homework tasks
Learning process
1) social
2) authority & peers
3) technology
Tech & Brain
- Look for a song
- Choose the level of difficulty
- Complete the gaps with the correct words

Other option: Lyricsgaps.com

QR codes
1) www.qrstuff.com
2) Create your QR code and print it
3) Download a QR reader on your
cell phone
4) Open the app and scan the code
Verbal - Linguistic:
1) Create a user name and password
2) Add words and definitions
3) Share online so students can access
flashcards & exercises to practice new
Logical - Mathematical:
1) Create a list
2) Add websites, videos, files and
3) Share the link with your students.
Take a selfie acting the following:
1) Happy
2) Depressed
3) Confused
4) Furious
5) Exhausted
6) Terrified
Naturalist: Photostory
1) Download Photostory
2) Create your story adding photos,
music, voice and text.
3) Share!
Visual - spatial:
1)Create a user name
and password.
2) Create mindmaps adding
images, videos, etc.
3) Share
1) Find a contact with 2 prime numbers.
2) Find out another participant`s cell phone number and save it
1) Implementing technology in education is expensive.
2) Teachers need to be trained to use technology.
3) Students feel more motivated when using technology
4) Implementing technology is a must for every school and for every teacher.
5) Using technology makes classes more student centered
6) I don`t understand technology
7) I use technology quite often in my lessons
1) Classroom chat.
2) Class project: Interact with
students from other schools
in Argentina
3) Interact with students from other parts of the world

2) Ask students
to organize online
1) www.padlet.com
2) Create your wall
3) Adjust settings
4) Ask students to post their
5) Share!
1) www.rewordify.com

Verbal - linguistic:
1) www.rewordify.co
2) choose authentic texts for to use with
lower levels
3) Copy the text and paste it
4) Students access a simpler version of the text
and focus on synonyms.
Contact: creativetechnology@live.com
Using social networks to practice English
1) Create a chat
2) Share the link with students
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