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The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe-Hero's Journey Project

No description

Jasmine Porter

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe-Hero's Journey Project

Hero's Journey Project The Chronicles Of Narnia Lucy Pevensie, the youngest Pevensie child, is always treated like a little toddler and she knows she is more mature than that. As she is treated poorly by her brother Edmond, she starts to grow up a little bit more. Ordinary World As Lucy is looking for a place to hide while playing hide-and-seek with her siblings, she finds a long wardrobe in an upstairs room. When she climbs inside to hide, she closes the door and scoots to the back, not knowing she was about to fall into a snow-covered forest. She meets and faun named Mr. Tumnus and befriends him. She goes to his home to have tea and he tells her about the White Witch and the wintry spell she has cast on Narnia. Lucy doesn't refuse the call to her adventure in Narnia, but rather brings her family back to the magical land she has discovered. Refusal Of The Call Call To Adventure Meeting The Mentor When the Pevensie children reach the training camp of the good side with their beaver friends, they meet the wise, old lion spirit Aslan. He teaches Lucy and the others to be wise, strong, brave, and clever in battle. Crossing the First Threshold When Lucy accidentally steps or rather falls into Narnia for the first time she crosses her first threshold in her adventure to save the magic world. She meets Tumnus who helps her explore her first part of the world she sees. Jasmine Porter Tests, Allies, Enemies Tests: Sending the message of Aslan's death.
Allies: Aslan and his army.
Enemies: The White Witch and her army. Approach When Aslan is killed on the Stone Table in place of Edmond, Lucy is frightened that the white witch's power will increase and that they will lose the war. Ordeal When Aslan is killed on the Stone Table, Lucy doesn't know what to do anymore. Aslan was her best friend and she loved him. Reward When Lucy uses the juice of the Fire Flower to heal all the wounded soldiers on the battlefield, she is rewarded. Some time after every one is healed, she is crowned a queen of Narnia as Queen Lucy The Valiant. The Road Back When all the Pevensie children are riding horses together through the forest, they come across the lamppost by the entrance to Narnia from the wardrobe. As they push through the coats in the wardrobe they return to their child selves and life goes back to normal.
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