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Indian Water Crisis

No description

Sydney Sharpley

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Indian Water Crisis

India Water Crisis
India's Water Only Expected To Go Down?
What people are doing to help?
Children in 100 homes in India lack drinking water and 1 in 2 children are malnourished and nee help.Multiple people are donating to help people in need in India. People are donating money to help companies get water filters to get fresh water to Indian children and adults.
How it's affecting India's government and economy?
Because the main thing we need to live is water, India dosn't have a great economy.The people make the economy and the economy in India is only 47% nonpoverty.Some nonpoverty people in India do care for the 53% that are in poverty and try to help the 53% in need.
Poverty has overwhelmed India and multiple other nations. The U.S. is one of the nations with poverty ,but is still rich to a certain level.India isn't so lucky thow. They have more than half percent (53%) in poverty ,and without clean water so the economy is horible and India is in a bad place right now. That is what the Indian water crisis is.
What is the Indian Water Crisis?
The water crisis is the fact that more than half (53 %) of India is in poverty and don't have access to water useable to them. They don't have acess to safe water and get sick from most avalabal water to them. India has to many chemicals in their lakes and rivers to make the water available and not harmful.

Water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by year 2050.
100 million homes lack drinking water. and 1 in 2 people are malnourished ,now many people are trying to help. Multiple families are trying to help people with the water crisis by donating money to charity. They help the kids and adults with not getting sick with water-born illnesses.
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