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What Makes a Good Presentation?

No description

MinJi Kim

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of What Makes a Good Presentation?

Tips for Answering Question

Able to answer all the questions
Be calm when the audience is trying to disturb
Gives reasonable answer
Don’t accept senseless questions
But answer with sense

More Tricks for Content
Big and clear text
Make sure the texts are visible
Easy to understand (not too hard vocabulary, not baby words)
Theme matches with goal statement/objective
Sensible content, not too much exaggeration
Avoid examples that hard to understand
Tips for Presenting
Confidence, loud voice
Try to be enjoyable
Not reading the slides
Eye contact with the audience
Speak clearly
Be prepared before presenting
Beware of time,
No stutter! or use of emoticons :P :)
What Makes a Good Presentation!?
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Structure of Your Presentations
Title slide
Decorated with visual aid
Make it looks one presentation
same fonts and background
exception for quotes or important facts
Be detailed and simple
Simplicity rules

Tips for Content
Not much text, only the important parts
Accurate grammar and spelling
Simple and easily understandable
Use big and clear text
Relate with the topic
By: Group 2 Puru, Asis, Jimmy,
Milk, Erica, and Mew
Grade. 8B
Why do We Need Good Presentations?
To get the audience to understand your goal
To make a good visualize of facts or ideas
To persuade the audience or give them information
To earn high grades
To show the audience why have you presented.
Social Media
Pictures fit the text
Achieve all the information
Get to the points quickly
To have a good grade
We'll try to make the audience understand what we are explaining
and Thank you so much, enjoy!
Thank You for
Any sensible Questions?
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