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period 8 zoeckler

No description

maryann carroll

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of period 8 zoeckler

What causes babies eyes to change color?
You are born with a pigmentation called melanin. After you are born the amount of melanin rises. The iris of the eye is where the color of your eye is carried and its job is to manage the amount of brightness comes into the eye which effects the color. The color your would change is greatly effected on the genes you have inherited from your parents or other relatives

Melaninocytes are unique cells in our bodies that goes around supplying your body with melanin where it is needed, including the iris. Melanin is a pigment, and is also a protein.
Color Changes
With a minimum amount of melanin your eyes would be blue. If you have more of a medium amount of melanin your eyes would be a green of hazel color. If you have a large amount of melanin your eyes would be brown. Normally if your eyes change color when you are a baby, they will change at 6-9 months of birth. If your eyes change color after birth your eyes will change depending on the genes you have inherited. For example, if family has alot of blue eyes then there is a higher chance you will have blue eyes.


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