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Destiny Howard

on 10 November 2018

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Transcript of FLY

Getting Started
Additional Information
Title IV Authorization E-Form
Purchasing books/ Parking
Follow up to the FAFSA
Log into MyCState, My Services portal for missing documents.
Verification, Unusual Enrollment History, Citizenship, Selective Service, etc.
View and accept your award.
View Federal Student Aid Shopping Sheet.
Types of Federal Aid
Eligibility Requirements

Thank you!
Financial Literacy for You
Keys to Financial Success
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Class Attendance
Repeated Courses and Curriculum
Application for Admission
Compass Test/Transcripts/ GED
Check Out what's new with the FAFSA
Students must achieve and maintain a minimum of 2.0 G.P.A to remain eligible for most financial aid,

A 2.0 is a "C" average,

Failing to maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. could mean the suspension of aid eligibility.

Students with suspended aid due to G.P.A. may appeal
Maintaining the Minimum G.P.A
Pace- the rate at which a student progresses toward the goal of graduation.

The Calculation:
Courses Completed/Courses attempted * 100 = Pace

Students are required to complete a minimum of 67% of the overall credits attempted at Cincinnati State.
Students with suspended aid due to pace may appeal
Course Completion/ Pace
Maximum Time Frame
Complete your degree program and/ or certificate program within 150% of the credit hours required for one program.

These credit hours may include any transfer hours that count towards your program of hours.
(Academic Foundation) Courses
Covers up to 30 credit hours in AF course work, repeating a class once.

Cannot be extended.

A course outside the curriculum will not count as eligible credit hours toward financial aid.
Federal student aid may pay for a repeat of one passed course.

Aid will pay for repeats of withdrawn/ failed courses until not meeting SAP.
Charges/Bill Questions
Please direct questions to Student accounts office 154 Main
Refund / Excess Aid Check
Please refer to registration statement for amounts to be disbursed
Pell Grant
SEOG Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Ohio State Aid
Ohio War Orphans
N.E.A.L.P.- Nurse Education Loan
Choose Ohio First

Indiana State Aid
Frank O'Bannon

Internal/ External Scholarship Opportunities
Free/ Gift Aid
Subsidized Loans
- do not accrue interest while in school

Unsubsidized Loans
- accrue interest while in school
Fixed Rate for first disbursement between

complete loan acceptance e-form
Complete FLY
Master Promissory Note
Entrance Counseling
Loan Decline Form
Request for Award Change Form
Accepting/ Declining
Class Enrollment: 6 credit hours or more of active attendance

Subsidized Loan Loan limit
Unsubsidized and Subsidized aggregate loan limit
$57,500 (Independent Students)
$31,000 (Dependent Students)

Maintaining Eligibility
Managing Loan Debt While in school
Borrow only what is needed to cover tuition, fees, books and other educational expenses
Taking only 6 credit hours allows you to borrow the same as 12 credit hours.

Students who go to UC, NKU, or XU get the same amount of loans as Cincinnati State Students even though tuition is sometime 3x as high

Consider Federal Work-Study
work and earn aid assistance
build resume
reduce debt

Seek Career Guidance: choose a major you really want to complete
What do I like to do?
What are my talents/abilities?
How much does someone who works in this field earn?
How much student loan debt will I be able to pay off and still live comfortably?

Take Advantage of Campus Resources
Students who get done quickly, meet with their academic adviser regularly.

Other Campus Resources: Writing Center, Success Center, and Counseling Center
For a large majority of students, the check sent out is comprised of unsubsidized loan money
This money is for educational purposes only, to decrease your debt, return unused money to the servicer or the entire check to Cincinnati state.
Check total loan debt at
Know How Much You Owe
1. Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen status
2. Males register with selective service
3. Degree program or eligible certificate
4. In good standing with federal aid programs
5. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards
6. Attend class
7. Register for classes in curriculum
Three Requirements
Dropped, Withdrawn, Reinstated Classes
Students must attend class within the first two weeks of the semester to avoid being marked as a No-Show.

Students who are marked as a No-Show (NS) by their instructor are not eligible for financial aid for that course.

Students who are added back into the classes must wait until all grades have posted to receive financial aid.
Additionally, classes withdrawn or dropped:
May affect SAP
May affect financial aid award
File your FAFSA for
Starting October 1!
*use 2016 tax information
pplication for
id (
) on line at: www.FAFSA.ed.gov
School Code: 010345

What's New with the FAFSA
The 2017-2018 FAFSA form will still be available through June 30, 2018.
To finish this process, click this link and complete the quiz
(you must be logged into MyCstate):

It cannot be previewed and submitted
until all answers are correct.
You will learn:
1. Filling out the FAFSA
2. How to find answers on MyCState
3. The different types of Federal Aid
4. The loan process at Cincinnati State
5. Managing loan debt
6. How to maintain eligibility for Federal Student Aid
Full transcript