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5 Themes of Geography

No description

Stephanie H

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography/Landforms
by: Stephanie Hernandez

Human Environment interaction
Book Definition:
My definition:
Sentence Application:
Book Definition
My definition:
Book definition:
My definition:

Sentence application:
Book definition:
My definition:
Sentence application:
Book definition:
My definition:
Sentence application
Sentence application
My house is located next to the park.
There are 2 types:
Absolute- A location that is specific as in coordinates on a map using Latitude and Longitude
Relative- A location that is not specific.

A particular place or position
Describes the physical and human characteristics of a location.
The relationship between people and the environment
The way humans interact positively and negatively with their environments.
People cutting down forests in order to build houses and buildings.
The characteristics of a location
The Great Pyramid of Giza has sand, heat and also has a large pyramid.
Shifting people, goods, and ideas from one place to another.
How places are linked to one another and the world
Many people can get updates around the world because of internet.
What places have in common:Political regions, land form regions, agricultural regions and cultural regions
An area that is based on its characteristics
Many languages are spoken in North America.
Plate Tectonics
An opening in the earths crust through which molten lava, ash, and gases are ejected.
-Santa Clara: Utah, U.s
-Aguilera: Chile, South America
-Adams:Washington, U.s

Definition: A narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.
Bering Straight: borders Russia
Straight of Juan de Fuca: borders Canada
Straits of Mackinac: Between lakes Huron and Michigan
Definition: A body of water partially surrounded by land.
Bay of Islands:New Zealand
Phang Nga Bay: Thailand
San Fransisco Bay: California
Definition: A point, or body of land extending into a body of water, usually the sea.
Cape of good Hope: South Africa
Cape Hatteras: North Carolina, U.S.
Cape Cod: Massachusetts, U.S.
Definition: A piece of land surrounded by
Cuba: Caribbean
Newfoundland: Located off the east coast ofNorth American mainland
Madagascar: Eastern coast of Southern Africa
Definition: A narrow chasm with steep cliff walls, cut into the earth by running water; a gorge.
The Grand Canyon: Arizona, U.S.
Fish River Canyon: Namibia
Sapadere Canyon: Turkey
Definition: Tall, flat topped, steep sided towers of rock
Merrick's Butte: Monument valley, Arizona
Black Butte: near Sisters Oregon
Courthouse Butte: near Sedona, Arizona
Definition: A mass of rock that rises very high and is almost vertical, or straight up and down.
Cliffs of Mohar: Ireland
Troll Wall: Norway
White cliffs of Dover: Great Britain
in the same geographical area, that share a common origin.
Definition: A group of islands congregated
The Bahama Islands: Along the coast of America
The Bermuda Islands: Along the coast of America
Canary Islands: Along the coast of Africa
Definition: A land form comprised of sediments found at the mouth of the river.
Ebro: Spain
Krishna: India
Nile: Egypt
Definition: A area of land permanently saturated, or filled with water; forested wetlands

Great Cypress Swamp: Delaware U.S
Great Black Swamp: Indiana U.S
Strand Swamp: Florida U.S
Definition: A type of wetland, an area of land where water covers ground for long periods of time.
Wye Marsh
Culbin salt Marsh
Macoun Marsh
Definition: A huge mass of ice that moves slowly over land.
Barnard Glacier: Alaska
Brooks Glacier: Alaska Range
Carroll Glacier: Glacier Bay
Definition: A large natural elevation of
the earth's surface rising abruptly from
the surrounding level.
Big bear mountain: California
Mount Adams: Washington
Sand Mountain: Alabama
Definition: a flat, elevated
land form that rises
sharply above the
surrounding area on at
least one side.
Colorado Plateau
Mogollon Rim: Arizona
Bogota: Colombia
Definition: A body of water sheltered by natural or artificial barriers
Fort Morgan: Alabama
Alameda: California
Christmas Bay: Texas
Definition: a large, mostly flat
area that is covered with grass
as main vegetation. Prairies
have no trees.
Cimarron: Kansas
The Canadian Prairies
Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Definition: A dry, grassy plain
Steppe of western Kazakhstan
Southern Siberian steppe
Ukrainian Steppe
Definition: A low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a stream or river flowing through it.
Valle de la luna: Chile
Olympic valley: California
Hunza Valley: Pakistan
Definition: a flat topped mountain or hill.
Mesa Lato: Colorado
Silver mesa: Colorado
Mesa mountain: Colorado
Definition: A large or high waterfall
Iguazu Falls
Union Falls
Niagra Falls
A dry, barren area of land, esp. one covered with sand, that is characteristically desolate, waterless, and without vegetation.
Monte: Argentina
Sahara: North Africa
Namib: South West Africa

definition: A piece of land that is almost entirely surrounded by water but is connected to a mainland on one side.
Italian Peninsula
Iberian Peninsula
Mornington Peninsula
Definition: An area made fertile by a source of freshwater in an otherwise dry and arid region
Umm al-Maa: Libya
Abraham's Oasis: Syria
Huacachina :Peru, America
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