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collage basketball

No description

cj keepes

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of collage basketball

players coaches teams college baskeball There have ben meny vary good coaches in
college basketball. But rick pateno, mike krzyerski a.k.a coach k and roy williams are tree of the gratest of all time. Rick has ternd arownd meny programs that had ben bad but are now great. Coach k is one of only for chaches to win for national championships and coached one of the gratest players of all time in christian latner. Roy also has his title as seen in right and has only had 2 louseing sesons in his great career. college basketball players are a diferent kinda of player in the fact that they do not play for cash they play because they love the game. The players you see are not the gratest but they all have diferent ways they play. the one on the left is jon wall he is an athletic gard. the one in the middle is christion latner he is not supper good and he just willed his team to win. All teams have one gole for the year that is to win the
title. If that is not accomplished then you might as well not playd at all. That is what makes the teams show so great. They find out what they did wrong and they fix it fast. Duke is a good example. They have a bad year and then they go out and win there 5 title. That is how the great teams get it dun. This is what we play 4
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