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Score Analysis on Mors, Clausula for Alleluya V. Cristus res

No description

Lia Wang

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Score Analysis on Mors, Clausula for Alleluya V. Cristus res

Score Analysis on Mors, Clausula for Alleluya V. Cristus resurgens [M 18]

Presented by Hyeji and Lia

Mode - Lydian Reciting tone - C
Motivic gestures
The tenor line repeats itself
||: A + A + coda :||
Stepwise motion -- fewer leaps
Imitations -- sequences
Rhythmic Mode
Mode 5 is prominent in the tenor line.
Mode 1 is applied frequently in the three other upper voices.
Semibreves are set to the descending stepwise figure
Other features...
In general, the tenor line is in an ascending gesture, while the other upper voices more often in a descending gesture.
A similar use of intervals is applied to all of the voices. No big leaps.
Smaller notes towards the ending. Notation ambiguity from facsimile or interpretative suggestions?
Four independent and elaborated voices, suggesting a more developed technique
Strict and clear beats, always note-against-note/rest
Quadruple Organum
Clear beginning and ending, no text, suggesting as a substitute clausula
Semibreves set to the descending figures
Inversion -- mirror figure
The stepwise motion
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