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Generational Differences in the Work Place

When having age differences in the work place is their needs for concern?

Matt Lander

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Generational Differences in the Work Place

Pat Stellman and Matt Lander Age Differences in the Workplace What We Will Tell You Generation X Some Suggestions Baby Boomers Your Grandma's and Grandpas Usually your Mom/Dads Age Let's Prevent the Conflict Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Suggestions and Conclusions Questions and Answers Born Between 1940’s and 1960’s
Approx.. 80 Million in population
Value Company Commitment and Loyalty
Sacrifice personal life for work
Most used mode of Communication Face to Face Work is a birth right Approx. 45 Million in Population
See change as inevitable
Skeptical of authority
Value a balance of work and personal life
Willing and able to adapt to different situations
Generation Y Our Age! Approx. 76 Million in population
“Internet Generation”
Multitaskers, Short Attention Span, Out for themselves
Value Freedom
Team Oriented
Feel that everything is owed to them
What We've Seen: A larger population of Generation x's Higher ranked positions are more often an older generation (not fox like) Many entry level positions are Generation Y's Generation Y's and X's tend to get a long better than Gen Y's and baby boomers. Focus on Similarities rather than differences
Recognize that change occurs
Always Ask questions
Be Aware that “New” Technology might not be
Develop a Curiosity of the Unknown
Avoid characterizations based on age
Be careful about cultural or historical references
Be willing to acknowledge when others are right no matter their age
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