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UN Women's Law Workgroup Reports Thematic Subjects

Lisa Marie Martinez

Lisa Martinez

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of UN Women's Law Workgroup Reports Thematic Subjects

United Nations UN Women's 1. Political and Public Life 2. Economic and Social Life 3. Family and Culture 4. Health and Safety Regional Laws Geographical Law Workgroup Women and Girls Employment Social Media Analysis from Synthesis Education Entertainment Managing Your Education
Managing Your Credit
Investment Management Primary
Post Secondary
Certificate Programs
Professional Development Parks and Libraries
Theme Parks
Community Events
Family Events
Fellowship Events
Night Life Personal Networks
Boundaries home/work
Privacy in a digital era
Data Friend or Foe
Actual Cost for Free
Photographs/Videos Moving to a digital world Our rights and responsibilities
Showing the power of collective voices
Collaborative Knowledge
Mentoring and Accelerating Women/Girls Celebrate Success
Continuously Improve
Consumer Rights Influence Improvements
Advocate and Plan
Enforce Sanctions
Immigration Unknowns International Influence Mentors Personal Reputation Political Influence Networking Social Responsibility Equality and
Justice Wellness and Prevention Physical Safety Known Threats Inter-dependencies Physical Health
Mental Health
Managing Disease
Support Systems Domestic Violence
Protecting your Reputation
Physical Safety
Unknown threats Identity Theft
Online Stalkers
Cyber Bullying

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