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Human Centered Design - Tirerack.com

Bob Begley

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of begley_final_idt501_36W

at www.tirerack.com Bob Begley
IDT501 - 36W
Final Project
April 2010 Principles of Human Centered Design tirerack.com is an online
store that sells tires and
wheels for cars and trucks. Three Human Centered Design
Principles that are met: What do they do? Malleability
Purpose Two Human Centered Design
principles that fall short: Ownership
Inclusiveness Purpose: simply stated
using visual iconic language Malleablility: Customization to
only list products that fit your car Responsiveness: Helping you
find a place to get your tires
installed. Making sure you get
all of your questions answered. Malleability: Search filter
narrows search results
based on customer criteria Malleability: Sorting search
results to accomodate
customer criteria priority I wonder what these wheels would look like on my car?

Is this website responsive to my needs? Malleability Responsiveness Responsiveness Responsive Ownership
You cannot save search filters.
The screens cannot be customized for a geographic area.

No Forums
You can add reviews for tires or installers (one way communications).
tirerack.com excels at the principles of Human Centered Design that are most important for an online storefront.
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